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Things that would change the way you look at a Bajaj RE

by | Jan 7, 2020 | News

If you have been quite observant of the type of vehicles rummaging the streets nowadays, we’re pretty sure that you’ve already had a close encounter with the Bajaj RE. But what is a Bajaj RE and what makes it different from the average tricycle?

The Bajaj RE is actually named after the managing director of Bajaj Auto, Rajiv Bajaj. RE, however, stands for Rear Engine, a term used commonly for Bajaj’s three-wheelers. 

In this blog, we will talk about the specifications of the Bajaj RE and what makes it a good choice of purchase for the average Pinoy consumer.


Engine and Transmission

Engines make the motorcycle. That is why motorcycles with high-end engines tend to be more successful in the market. The Bajaj RE, in this case, uses a 4 Stroke Digital Twin Spark Fuel Injection (DTS-FI) engine type with a capacity of 198.88cc – an engine fit for those who are always on the go!

Vehicles with this type of engine have increased power output, better low-end torque, lower fuel delivery & optimization of spark timing, improved cold start, quick warm-up and excellent response to sudden acceleration, self-detection, and communication of fuel system malfunctioning if any.

The great thing about this product? It is eco-friendly because it is guaranteed to produce lower emission levels. This way, not only we are enjoying quality transportation, but we’re also taking away a big chunk from the average carbon dioxide emission in the streets. 

And, if you’re planning to have the Bajaj for commercial use, we’re pretty sure that this toughie will never fail your expectations. 

Basically, with its kind of power and torque, the Bajaj RE can really pull some good amount of load without much effort and not losing speed. Specifically, it has a maximum power of 7.3kW @ 5000rpm and a maximum torque of 17.1 Nm @ 3500rpm and, it follows a constant mesh, manually-operated transmission. 

So, if you’re that guy who always does the deliveries in your neighborhood, there’s absolutely no reason for you to say NO on the good stuff. 

The Bajaj RE’s Multi-plate Wet Clutch also helps increase the amount of torque to be transmitted, decrease the pedal effort to operate the clutch, and decrease the weight of the clutch. So, whatever your weight is, this weightlifting champ is sure to carry the Cleopatra in you.

It is said that engines with a larger bore than stroke will tend to rev higher than those with a greater stroke than the bore. And the great thing with the Bajaj Re is that it has a stroke of 62.8 and a bore of 63.5. Meaning, it will really rev higher. Simply put, the higher the engine revs, the more power you can benefit from.

The cooling system of the Bajaj RE is forced air/oil cooling. This means it uses an oil cooler to cool down the temperature of the engine oil. It is an ideal method for engines where air cooling is enough.

The gearbox has a ratio as follows: (1st Gear): 30.86: 1, (2nd Gear): 17.05: 1, (3rd Gear): 10.72: 1, (4th Gear): 7.49: 1 and Reverse: 27.09 (In First Gear).


Chassis, Suspension, Brake & Tires

The framework is everything. We have a lot of things to consider in choosing the vehicle of our dreams. One of them is the chassis. Technically, a chassis is the load-bearing structure which supports the motorcycle in its construction and function. 

The Bajaj RE has a monocoque chassis with a central beam & welded cross member. This means that it has better stiffness as well as weight advantage which ultimately increases performance. The better the performance, the more desirable the product.

You can always take your Bajaj RE to the market whenever you’re running to grab the groceries, go for errands, pick the kids up from school, or even just go to the mall if this is the kind of ride that will make you feel “shopper-chic”. Anyway, choose your weapon. 

Next would be the suspension. It contributes to the vehicle’s handling and braking system. It helps provide safety and comfort by keeping you isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

For its front suspension, it has an offset column with hydraulic shock absorbers and helical springs; for the rear, it has independently sprung rear wheels by trailing arms with helical springs and hydraulic shock absorber. 

On the other hand, the Bajaj RE’s front brakes have a hydraulic expanding shoe while its rear brakes are leading trailing type. And has a mechanical parking brake, actuated on rear wheels

For its tires, both front and rear it has a 4.00 – 8,6 PR. (Front Tire Pressure:2.4Kg/cm2, Rear Tire Pressure: 2.4 Kg/cm2), this kind of tires will always keep you rolling, whenever and wherever you want to.

And lastly, the Bajaj RE has a  petrol tank with 8 liters full capacity. You’ll always have enough space for longer, worthwhile and more meaningful trips with the family or your pasaheros.

There you have it. These are the specifications of the Bajaj RE.

If you’re already convinced enough; or if we may have somehow sparked a little curiosity in you, you should try visiting us here at EMCOR to see the Bajaj RE for yourself. 

Or if not, we also have a variety of motorcycles to choose from. You can also check them here on our website at www.emcor.com.ph


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