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Bringing Comfort to You and Your Family

If there is one thing that all city-dwelling Pinoys have in common, it’s the horrendous traffic we all have to deal with almost every day. “How long did it take you to get here?” is often a conversation starter, followed by further rambling like, “I don’t even go out...

Make your Noche Buena Special with these Tips

Preparing for the Noche Buena has always been a classic Filipino tradition. It is also the best time for families to bond and reminisce wonderful moments together. But it shouldn't be very tiring and time-consuming to prepare. These tips will help you prepare the most...

Working From Home Tips and Advice

Ever since working from home is the new normal, there are many adjustments to do. Both our activities at work and our personal lives have shuffled.  Some who used to work from home might not feel the change. But to those who are new to this set-up, you might encounter...

Top 5 Household Electronics to Disinfect Everyday

This year has made house cleaning a top priority.  With the virus still spreading, our regular cleaning has increased in frequency. Spotlight on the objects and appliances that we handle every day, these are extremely high-touch, and need to be cleaned as often as...

Features to Consider when buying a new Microwave

Cooking delicious meals at home has never been easier. With the help of technology, preparing food is a button away. A microwave is a staple household appliance because of its ease of use.  Before we buy a new microwave, we need to consider the following: - budget -...

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