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Ride into the Future: Exploring TRIMOTORS’ Cutting-Edge Features at EMCOR

by | Jan 25, 2024 | News

In the future of transportation using TRIMOTORS, the revolutionary marvel seamlessly blends innovation and efficiency. Join us on an exhilarating journey, as we explore the cutting-edge features of TRIMOTORS, proudly presented by EMCOR. In an era where mobility meets ingenuity, TRIMOTORS emerges as an avant-garde solution, promising not just a ride but also a transformative experience. We delve into the technological prowess and futuristic design that defines TRIMOTORS, setting new standards in the transportation world. Get ready to Ride into the Future with EMCOR, where every journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities of tomorrow’s mobility.

In the ever-evolving modern transportation landscape, BAJAJ has consistently stood as a beacon of innovation, delivering reliable and efficient vehicles that redefine the way we navigate our daily lives. Today, we delve into the specifications and features of three remarkable vehicles from the BAJAJ Stable–the BAJAJ RE, BAJAJ Maxima Z, and BAJAJ Maxima Cargo. We explore how each model epitomises excellence in performance, design, and functionality.



BAJAJ RE is a testament to BAJAJ’s commitment to providing an ideal solution for urban commuting. This three-wheeler marvel combines compact design with powerful performance, making it an optimal choice for navigating crowded city streets. The key specifications are as follows:

Engine: 198.88 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, and air-cooled

Maximum Power: 10.34 bhp @ 5,000 rpm

Maximum Torque: 19.35 Nm @ 4,000 rpm

Transmission: Four-speed constant mesh

Mileage: Impressive fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for daily commuting

Comfort: Spacious cabin, comfortable seating, and user-friendly controls

Whether you are a daily commuter or small business owner looking for a reliable partner for goods transportation, BAJAJ RE stands out as a versatile and dependable choice.


BAJAJ Maxima Z

BAJAJ Maxima Z

For those seeking a perfect blend of power and performance, BAJAJ Maxima Z emerges as a top-tier choice. This cargo carrier is designed to tackle heavy loads with ease, ensuring that businesses can thrive seamlessly and efficiently. Key specifications include:

Engine: 447.6 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, and air-cooled

Maximum Power: 9.38 kW @ 5,000 rpm

Maximum Torque: 24.5 Nm @ 3,000 rpm

Transmission: Four-speed constant mesh

Load Capacity: Exceptional cargo space with a load capacity that redefines the standards in its category

Suspension: Robust suspension system for a smooth and stable ride even with heavy loads

BAJAJ Maxima Z is not just a cargo carrier; it is a reliable business partner that ensures that goods reach their destination securely and on time.

BAJAJ Maxima Cargo

BAJAJ Maxima Cargo

As the name suggests, BAJAJ Maxima Cargo takes the versatility of Maxima Z a step further by focusing solely on cargo transport. Designed for businesses that demand efficiency and reliability in goods transportation, this model boasts the following impressive specifications:

Engine: 447.6 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, and air-cooled

Maximum Power: 9.38 kW @ 5,000 rpm

Maximum Torque: 24.5 Nm @ 3,000 rpm

Transmission: Four-speed constant mesh

Load Capacity: Generous cargo space with a high payload capacity

Fuel Efficiency: Optimized fuel consumption for cost-effective operations

The BAJAJ Maxima Cargo is the epitome of strength and reliability, ensuring that businesses can meet their cargo transportation needs with utmost precision.

EMCOR stands proudly as the premier 3-wheeler distributor in the Philippines, holding leadership positions in the automotive industry. Renowned for its extensive network, EMCOR boasts a wide range of outlets strategically located across the archipelago, ensuring accessibility and convenience to customers nationwide. Complementing this expansive reach is a robust service center infrastructure that exemplifies EMCOR’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

These service centers are not merely repair facilities; they are hubs of excellence staffed by skilled professionals and equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide top-notch maintenance and repairs. What truly sets EMCOR apart is its unparalleled assortment of spare parts, ensuring that customers have access to comprehensive selection to meet their specific needs. EMCOR’s dedication to quality, accessibility, and customer-centric services solidifies its reputation as a go-to destination for those seeking excellence in the realm of 3-wheeler vehicles in the Philippines.


  1. What are the BAJAJ Trimotors and how do they differ from other BAJAJ models in the Philippines?

The BAJAJ Trimotors is a specific line of three-wheelers designed for various purposes. Unlike traditional two-wheelers, trimotors feature an additional wheel for enhanced stability, which makes them ideal for diverse applications in the Philippines.

  1. What are the primary uses of the BAJAJ Trimotors in the Philippines?

BAJAJ Trimotors are versatile and cater to a range of purposes including passenger transport, goods delivery, and business applications. The extra wheel provides stability, particularly when carrying heavier loads.

  1. How does the engine performance of BAJAJ Trimotors compare with that of other BAJAJ models?

BAJAJ Trimotors typically share the efficient and reliable engine performance characteristics of BAJAJ vehicles. Specific specifications may vary based on the Trimotors model, but they are designed for optimal performance under Philippine conditions.

  1. Are the BAJAJ Trimotors suitable for both urban and rural areas in the Philippines?

Yes, BAJAJ Trimotors are well-suited to both urban and rural environments. The three-wheeler design enhances stability in various terrains, making them adaptable to different commuting and business needs.

  1. Can BAJAJ Trimotors be customized for specific business requirements in the Philippines?

Many BAJAJ Trimotors models offer customization options, allowing businesses to tailor vehicles according to their specific requirements. This includes features such as cargo attachments for goods transport and modifications for passenger comfort.

  1. Do the BAJAJ Trimotors have modern safety features?

BAJAJ Trimotors prioritizes safety with features such as sturdy chassis design, reliable braking systems, and enhanced stability due to the three-wheel configuration. However, specific safety features may vary according to the model.

  1. Where can I find authorized dealerships for BAJAJ Trimotors in the Philippines?

BAJAJ Trimotors are available through authorized BAJAJ dealerships across the Philippines. As a prominent distributor, EMCOR is likely to have a wide network of outlets through which customers can explore and purchase trimotors.

  1. What is the typical load capacity of the BAJAJ Trimotors in the Philippines?

The load capacity of the BAJAJ Trimotors varies depending on the specific model. However, many trimotors are designed to handle significant loads, making them suitable for businesses involved in the transportation of goods.

  1. Are spare parts and maintenance services readily available to BAJAJ Trimotors in the Philippines?

Yes, EMCOR and other authorized service centers for BAJAJ ensure that spare parts and maintenance services are readily available, contributing to the longevity and optimal performance of the BAJAJ Trimotors.

  1. Can BAJAJ Trimotors be financed for business purposes in the Philippines?

Many authorized BAJAJ dealerships, including EMCOR, offer financing options to facilitate the purchase of BAJAJ Trimotors for business purposes. These financing options aim to make vehicles more accessible to a broad range of entrepreneurs.



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