Why are LED TVs becoming famous?

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Why are LED TVs becoming famous?

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The History of TV

TV, which means television, is a platform where movies, videos and information are broadcasted. To give a short history, TV was introduced in the late 1920s and it was still black and white back then. After the breakthrough of sending telegraphs wirelessly, the sending of voices or what we can call the telephone calls came next. By this time, transmitting picture now was a race for many inventors. True enough, an invention  of mixing all the elements of visual and audio came to life. It was called the television.

Eventually, television evolved fast and became a thing because of its capacity to create convenience in your own home like watching the game without you having to go to the event or getting in touch with the news, and knowing more about the outside world by being inside. TV gave way to shows, movies, news, talk shows and many more.

And as TV continues to revolutionize our way of life, it also evolved with the help of modern technology.

LED TV is becoming more and more famous. You may wonder, “What’s the deal with LED TVs? Should I consider getting one?”

To help you appreciate its value, we have prepared a list comparing LED TVs to other platforms:

CTR- (Cathode Ray Tube) These are the old TVs we all used to have back in the days when flat screen was not a big hit. Now they don’t sell them in malls anymore

Plasma- This technology utilizes small cells containing electrically charged ionized gases, or what are in essence chambers more commonly known as fluorescent lamps. These were the first flat screen TVs

LED- (Light Emitting Diode) LED TV is most advanced technology which is affordable to all users

OLED- (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) Is the newest TV technology available for consumers. It’s very thin, it is a combination of both LCD and Plasma and its color is very vibrant

Why choose LED

TV Type Pros Cons
LED LEDs consume the least amount of power of any display type

Brighter display

Lower power consumptions


4k resolution available

Available in many sizes

Picture may seem to lose some contrast and color when viewing form off-axis angles.

Requires extra corrections

Not suitable for outdoor viewing

Plasma Flawless motion because of refresh rates

Great black levels and viewing angles

Great for gaming

Does not come in a small size

Color is washed out if not in theater like conditions


OLED Higher Pixel accuracy

Color is more accurate and so is its contrast

Great for 3D


Limited sizes

As shown above you can see that you get a good deal by buying a LED TV not only because it’s energy efficient but also an alternative version of a plasma  TV. It even comes in 4K which means higher resolution and better picture quality.



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