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How to take care of your phone’s battery life

by | Apr 26, 2017 | News, Uncategorized


We all have this one thing on our hand, in our bag or in our pocket that we depend on so much, that once it gets dysfunctional, our whole world collapses – cell phones or smartphones. These days, our phones hold many apps that help us in our day-to-day life, making things easier and simpler, that is why when they get dysfunctional or even when it’s “low-batt”(as pinoys call it), we panic. Not all of us have the luxury to buy an extra battery pack or a power bank so knowing how to save battery life matters. With these easy steps, you can slow down your phone’s capacity to eat up your battery life or even your battery’s shelf life!


  1. Use a dark wallpaper. This helps not only the battery but the eyes too.
  2. Turn down the screen’s brightness.
  3. Force close apps when not in use. Background apps still run even if you swipe them to free ram space.
  4. Turn off  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  5. Disable location or set it to “only turn on when app is used.”
  6. Keep the phone cool. The hotter it is the more it discharges energy. This also means do not charge your phone while using it.
  7. Update some of your apps.
  8. Turn off notifications, especially for the Facebook app and online/offline games.
  9. Change auto lock setting to 1 minute, 30 seconds or less.
  10. Disable vibrate mode as much as possible.
  11. Do not use home screen widgets or lessen the use of them.
  12. Disable voice control. It may look cool but it drains a lot of battery life.
  13. Avoid downloading apps that say they will help extend your battery life.


Charging Tips/Fast Charging/Safety

  1. Do not use your phone while charging.
  2. Do not take calls while charging.
  3. Make sure that the phone adapter and cord support the right amount of voltage. This will help charge the phone faster.
  4. Do not use a fake charger. This may give the wrong amount of voltage to your phone, which may lead to it taking longer to charge.
  5. Avoid downloading apps that say they can help charge your phone faster.
  6. Turn off your phone while charging if possible. This helps more since there are no background apps running.
  7. Do not leave your phone to charge all night.
  8. Do not charge your phone up to 100% all the time also do not let I die to 0%.try to keep it to 30% or 40%. This will help your battery last longer.
  9. If you are considering a power bank, make sure it supports the right amount of voltage for your phone.
  10. Keep the battery cool. Make sure the place where you charge it is not too hot since this may affect the battery itself.



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