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Evolution of Refrigerator

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The refrigerator is a common household appliance that almost everyone have since it is essential to preserving our food. Now, our modern refrigerators not only preserve food, it also serve cold water, keep our chocolate bars in shape, and many more. Did you know that before, fortunes were made by dispatching huge blocks of ice and selling it only to people who can afford it? Let’s have a short runthrough on the evolution of refrigerators.


Early Fridge

People used different methods to preserve their food such as burying it into the ground. But animals dug it up sometimes, and that led them to try other methods. One of them was the Ice House.


Ice House

People started building cellars/chambers or well houses. They are large chambers, usually dark and has a cool temperature, good for storing water, food, and ice to help maximize the refrigeration. Now, wines are still kept in this kind of method in some places.


Ice Box

In the 1800’s people wanted to store food inside their houses so they decided to invent the ice box. The ice box then was made of wood and its inside was lined with tin, cork or zinc. Since the ice melted gradually there were trays underneath the box to catch the dripping.  


Electric Refrigerator

In the 1940’s, electric refrigerators started to bloom since it preserved food better and longer. This type of refrigerator is the same as the ones we use today.


Modern Refrigerator

Refrigerators today boast the latest technology that help keep our consumables in top shape. Features like ultra fresh cooling system that maintains the proper or the standard humidity level of items, has become a factor in purchasing a refrigerator. Some also have smart sense function that detects when warm food is placed inside the fridge.
Interesting how refrigerator evolved over the years, right?


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