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Walang kasing saya ang balik eskwela hatid ng EMCOR Pakwela sa Balik Eskwela!
Mula May 16 hanggang June 30, maaari mong iuwi ang bagong computer sa downpayment na 3,600 pesos lamang, at smartphone sa downpayment na 1,500 pesos lamang. May libreng flash disk o memory card pa!
May 0% interest rin hanggang 6 months may credit card ka man o wala.
Sumugod na sa pinakamalapit na EMCOR branch sainyong lugar! Mas masaya ang balik eskwela ditto lang sa EMCOR Pakwela sa Balik Eskwela!
Like us on facebook and win a premium item for you and your school.
Per DTI-XI Permit No. 031 Series of 2017


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