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DIY: Motorcycle Maintenance

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”36814″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]You don’t need a certification or degree to be able to perform simple motorcycle maintenance. If you want to save money on repairs and make sure that your vehicle is in top condition. With proper maintenance, you can reduce the risk of accidents, save money, and give you peace of mind.

Here are five of the things you can do by yourself to make sure your motorcycle is in top shape.

Check your tires

You need to check your tire’s pressure on a weekly basis. Uninflated tires cause problems with braking and handling, while over-inflated tires can easily slip on the road. Use a quality pressure gauge to accurately check the pressure and adjust accordingly.

Chain tension

Incorrect chain tension can speed up wear and tear, make it difficult for you to switch gears, and reduce rear suspension travel. Have someone sit on the motorcycle as you adjust the chain to the correct tension with the help of your motorcycle’s workshop guide. To make sure you’re doing this properly, get a good torque wrench. Finally, make sure the chains are well-lubricated.


Your motorcycle battery is found under your seat or gas tank. Check if your battery is properly charged and get a new one if necessary. Remember to remove it from the motorcycle before working on it to avoid acid leaks.

First, check the acid levels. If it’s low, add deionized water. Then, you may start charging your motorcycle battery. Since some models are sealed, it would mean you would have to get a new one. You can also lubricate the battery’s terminals to avoid rusting. Just remember not to touch both terminals at the same time to avoid electrocution.


Only check your coolant levels when your engine is turned off and cool. Check your motorcycle’s manual to locate the coolant expansion tank or you can check it by removing the cap of your radiator filler.

If you need to change the coolant all together, it’s an easy process that will only take 30 minutes. You can find the drain plug near the water pump. Remove this to drain the coolant and return the plug. Fill the tank with coolant or a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and deionized water.

Oil and filter change

Changing your motorcycle’s oil and filter is as simple as changing the coolant. All you need are the right tools, decent oil, and the correct filter. You can find detailed instructions on your motorcycle’s workshop manual. It will be good to ask for the supervision and instruction of a more experienced person when doing it yourself for the first time.

Some of the other things you can do are oiling and adjusting the cables, changing the spark plugs, lubricating different parts of your motorcycle, replacing the brake pads, and simply cleaning your motorcycle.

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