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Caring for your laptop battery

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”36805″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]The health of your laptop battery is vital to its longevity. If you want to keep it around for a long time without glitching, you need to take extra care. There are things you can do on the short-term such as dimming your brightness or switching off your WiFi when not in use, but it’s also important to look after its long-term health.

Cleaning and temperatures

Cleaning your laptop and your battery on a regular basis is important to keep it functioning at its optimal temperatures. This can be done by yourself but if you want to do a deep clean, it’s better to hand the responsibility to an authorized maintenance center. If your laptop has a removable battery, you can wipe the metal contacts at either side of your battery with a clean cloth and some alcohol solution.

Your laptop should operate at room temperature at best. If you live somewhere with hot weather, consider additional ventilation by getting a laptop cooler or making sure to use your laptop on a surface where the vents are sufficiently elevated from the surface. The cooling vents should be clear and unobstructed. This means you might want to think twice about using it on your bed.

Go unplugged

You might be familiar with the term “dextrose” which refers to a laptop that needs to be constantly plugged in to use. This is the result of poor battery care. Your battery should have the electrons inside it constantly moving. Ideally, allow your laptop battery to drain to about 40% to 60% every week. Fully drain it one to two times a year and then charge it again.

The reason behind this is that your battery works harder when it’s fully charged. Ideally, it should operate between 40%-80%. Fully draining your laptop battery also helps with calibrating your laptop and having the percentages more accurately. Experts advise that if you have a removable battery, consider taking it out once it is charged and continue to use the laptop plugged in.

There are additional things like checking the pre-installed apps on your laptop for battery management. The less your battery does, the healthier it will stay, and the longer you can keep your laptop functional. Finally, make sure you are only using authentic or original chargers. Check out our laptop options on our website or visit your local EMCOR store!

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