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Tips on how to save electricity

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

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  1. Unplugging saves a little bit more watts consumed as compared to just turning appliances off. It saves you more energy from electricity plus it improves your appliances’ lifespan, especially for printers and laptops which we don’t usually turn off and are just left on standby.
  2. Make use of natural ventilation by opening doors and windows instead of always using air conditioners or electric fans. You can also have screen doors installed as it also really help filter insects from entering your home.
  3. Convert to LED lights for house lights. LED lights saves you more energy than incandescent lights.
  4. When ironing your clothes, it is better to schedule it in one go. Most irons consume more energy during the “heating” phase or during that time that you start using it. Using fabric softeners also helps as it makes clothes less wrinkly which means you do not have to iron it anymore.
  5. Check the appliances you use by reading the manual. Some appliances have energy saving setting or mode. If about to purchase, see if they are energy efficient certified.



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