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Why Gen Zs love Mobile Apps

by | Mar 29, 2019 | News

Today, businesses are seeing the need to start focusing on Gen Zs instead of Millenials. Generation Z, the demographic group after Millennials, are the people born between 1995 and 2010. Though ranges in age from teenagers to young adults, Gen Zs represents one of the largest consumer bases in this current marketplace, making them a group of digital natives who should not be ignored despite their youth.


In order to attract them, one of the best approach businesses do is through mobile applications. The reason for this is the “mobile reliance culture” of Gen Zs.


The Culture of Mobile Reliance

Gen Zs of all ages have access to mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. This gives them the ability to access data and information for almost anytime and anywhere.


Mobile apps are very convenient since they are usually designed with usability in mind. Its features and flexibility are made to solve simple to complex tasks of people, making their operational lives easier and faster.


This made Gen Zs almost dependent on mobile devices for most of their daily tasks, from paying the bills, playing games and watching entertainments, easy access to free information and education. They have become the kind of generation who prefers to use their mobile devices in performing tasks rather than other technological mediums.


They also prefer to shop online rather than a physical store. This gives them more opportunity to compare prices and brands anywhere and anytime. There are also no crowds and sales pressure while shopping. So during special days like holidays, festivals, or on weekends, Gen Zs can avoid a huge headache in purchasing the items they needed.


Overall, Gen Z generation lives in a world where speed and convenience are not only desired but is highly expected and mobile apps give them more control. You can try and experience yourself the benefits of the mobile application by downloading the Emcor App now to save time and efforts! We can provide the convenience of shopping at home with a wide range of available products, good discounts, and sales. With detailed information about the product, you can compare various brands and prices at your own pace. Don’t miss it!


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