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Top 5 Household Electronics to Disinfect Everyday

by | Nov 15, 2020 | News

This year has made house cleaning a top priority.  With the virus still spreading, our regular cleaning has increased in frequency. Spotlight on the objects and appliances that we handle every day, these are extremely high-touch, and need to be cleaned as often as they are used.


Here are the top gadgets and appliances that you need to be paying attention to on a daily basis.



A typical mobile user touches his or her phone 2,617 times per day, according to a research conducted by Dscout.

Our phones have practically become an extension of ourselves and have occupied a big part of our lives. How many times have we felt that something was missing when we became apart from our phone for a long time? We use this device everywhere and anytime. Thus, our phone is the most susceptible thing to germs.

To sanitize your phone, wipe it with disinfecting wipes, or a microfiber cloth with a few drops of alcohol. Make sure that the cloth is not soaked and that no liquid gets inside the cell phone’s ports and buttons. Get cleaning inside your phone case, too! 



Next to our mobile gadgets, our laptops or our personal computers are the most touched device in our day to day activities. Since most of us are already working and studying from home, we need to make sure our personal workspaces are clean, organized, and most of all free from viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning your computer is very much the same as with your phone. Use soft, lightly damp cloths or disinfecting wipes to clean out dust and debris that may have gotten stuck in your keyboard and other tight corners. If you have a vacuum cleaner, that would be very useful to really get into those tight spaces, most especially your keyboard.



The fridge is where we store our daily food, especially the easily perishable ones. As much as it is important to make sure that the contents are well-kept, the outside portion should also be well taken cared of. The handles, the edges and the male-plug should be maintained since these spots are prone to passing on microbes because everyone in the house touches this. 

Clean your fridge everyday to ensure that the food you store inside is kept safe for eating and that your family does not pass on germs to other areas of the house after touching the fridge.


Rice Cooker 

If you’re Filipino, there’s a high chance that you have this in your house and that you cook our staple food in it. So it’s vital to keep it free from stains and traces from house pests. 

Remember to wash your rice cooker every time before you cook another batch to avoid contamination. You may not see it, but your leftover rice may have already become a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause gastric problems or worse, food poisoning. 

The cooker’s exterior can be wiped with a clean cloth to remove dirt and oil. Make sure that the inside of the cooker is free from debris, dust, or other tiny objects which can burn, heat up, and damage the mechanism inside.


Oven / Gas Range

Everything that is involved in the preparation of food must be checked regularly if it is still safe to use.

For your cooktops and cooking ranges, ensure that the integrity of its wirings and power source are intact. The interior and the exterior of it should be wiped with the right disinfectants that will remove any stains and dirt from spills, splashes, and oil that get on the stove’s surface. A little baking soda, or soap and water solution may do the trick. Check out how this guy did it with his gas range:

The primary thing to remember here is to clean it everyday to avoid buildup. It’s a fact, cleaning buildup is more difficult than taking off light and minor dirt on a daily cycle.

After all, cleaning the cooking gear every after use is one of the best ways to maintain it and prolong its life. 

Now that we’ve mentioned the top 5 gadgets and appliances that need to be disinfected everyday, we hope you practice these in your home to make your house safer and cleaner for your family.

How about you? What are other cleaning tips that you practice at home? What other gadgets and appliances do you clean and disinfect everyday?

Let us know in the comments.



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