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Teach Your Kids to Save Electricity

by | Jun 20, 2018 | News

Saving electricity is an effort that requires help from the entire family. Sometimes, children cannot easily understand why you have to do it. Most children would learn about saving electricity in school but you need to help reinforce these learnings at home.

Help them understand why

It’s one thing to tell your child that electricity is expensive, but it would be helpful if they understand where electricity is coming from and how it reaches your home. Look at the appliances in your house and teach them the different sources of energy.

Make it rewarding

Smaller children love rewards – older children do too. Assign age-appropriate tasks that can help you save energy. You can set up a reward chart where you can track their progress. At the end of the week, you can give them small prizes for doing their part. Children would also enjoy it if you ask them to point out when they feel you are wasting electricity or gas.

Easy, kid-friendly tasks

Here are some quick reminders you can teach your kids and implement in your home to save electricity!

  • Encourage them to use gadgets less. Encourage them to study, play outside, read books, or play with puzzles. Include family activities like guessing games and the like.
  • Tell them to turn off or unplug their electronic devices when not in use.
  • Remind kids to turn off lights and close doors to rooms that are not in use. Same thing with refrigerator doors.
  • Keep record of bath times and reward those who can take the quickest baths while still getting clean.

You shouldn’t let the possibility of high electricity bills to stop you from buying new appliances that your home needs. If everyone works together to save energy, it doesn’t have to be an issue! EMCOR also has a selection of energy-efficient appliances. Check out the EMCOR website or visit your nearest EMCOR store!


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