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Save More by Cooking At Home

by | Feb 2, 2019 | News

With the kind of life that most of us have now, we have become used to eating outside or ordering takeout. This results in high expenses and some health risks.


We already know that there are benefits to cooking and eating at home. You can use healthier ingredients, control proportions, avoid food allergies, and of course, save money. One thing that people have against eating at home is the time it takes to cook and prepare food. Another is having to do the dishes.

How much can you save?

Forbes found that, on average, it costs 5x more per meal to order from a restaurant than it is to cook from home. If you are subscribed to a meal plan delivery service, which is a healthier option, it would still cost you 3x as much. This is because, on top of the expensive price per meal, you have to pay the delivery charge too.


According to research, they found that you save the most money by cooking heavily protein-based entrees at home. We all love good meat, but restaurants charge a lot of money for meals with beef, pork, and chicken. You can easily prepare a lot of these meals at home for just 10-20% of what you’d pay in a restaurant.


Vegetable and pasta-, carb-based meals are also significantly less expensive than when ordering from a restaurant. It’s also cheaper to chop vegetables on your own and buy pasta and carbs in bulk than buying pre-proportioned packages.


Although preparing and cooking a meal yourself takes more time, you can easily build habits to encourage cooking more at home. At the end of the day, it will save you more money, help you in living a healthier lifestyle, and encourage just sitting down to enjoy a meal with your loved ones.


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