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Mother’s Day Tech Gift Ideas

by | May 7, 2021 | News

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday! Have you thought about what you’ll get your mother as a gift? Though giving a material gift isn’t necessary, you might still be thinking of a fantastic present to give to your mom. After all, Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, so why not make it extra special?

If you’re looking for tech gift ideas, take a look at our recommendations below:

1. Aircon with Inverter Technology

Summertime is already here in the Philippines! So why not pamper your mom by creating a cool, refreshing space inside your home?

Beat the heat this summer with EMCOR’s Aircon with Inverter Technology!

EMCOR offers a wide variety of inverter AC’s to choose from! Talk to our expert staff to help you select the best that suits your mom’s special place.

Your mother would surely love it knowing that your inverter aircon has energy-saving technology, is cost-effective and all while being refreshingly cool! After a long and tiring day, you can give her the relaxation she needs and deserves.

2. Fully Auto Smart Inverter Washing Machine

Let her hands take a rest from washing those everyday clothes. Sure you can wash the clothes for her on her special day, or even better why not get a washing machine that saves time and her hands for years to come.

EMCOR brings you the newest LG 8Kg Fully Auto Smart Inverter Washing Machine (T2308VS2W). It is the latest washing machine that has smart inverter technology. It eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use. Also, it has incredible features like smart motions for tangle-free, powerful and delicate washing. It also has a smart inverter motor to minimize noise and vibration level. Tough stains will disappear by the one-touch operation of ‘Auto Pre Wash’ mode.

Last but not least, many new smart inverter washing machines also have a ‘Smart Diagnosis’ feature. By downloading their smart laundry app, their customer service centre can quickly identify and troubleshoot your mechanical issues!

We also have a range of more budget-friendly washing machines to suit all budgets.

3. Water Dispenser

Here’s another excellent gift for your mom to make multitasking more efficient for her.

Instead of putting cold water in the fridge and turning on the electric kettle for your coffee every morning, you can do both with a water dispenser. With an amazing three modes to choose from Hot, Cold and Warm, your mom is guaranteed to use it every day.

With features like a child safety lock protector for hot water switch and a built-in spacious cabinet for additional storage, there are also many designs showcasing a sleek and compact style to blend into almost every kitchen.

This efficient gift for your early bird multi-tasking mom is also available at EMCOR!

4. Smart TV

Is your mother a fan of TV Series or ‘Telenovela’? A Smart TV is a perfect gift then!

Aside from the latest widescreen and elegant exterior, a Smart TV can also connect to the internet which makes it easier and more convenient to browse movies, TV shows, and even play music.

Does your mom love to “Netflix and chill?” or simply watch quick one recipe cooking vlogs on Youtube? Smart TVs have built-in Netflix and Youtube applications that your mom will surely enjoy!

You can settle in for a night with your mother to enjoy watching her favourite TV show or a movie, or maybe let her unwind by herself after a long week to relax. In any case, she will surely make use of all the latest features with EMCOR’s huge range of Smart TV’s.

5. Tablet

Why not get your mom a tablet to use wherever she goes, watch movies and stream videos, play music, play games, check email, browse the internet, play games, take and edit photos and much more? All of these can be achieved with EMCOR’s amazing range of tablets.

A tablet is so versatile a gift that it can be used to help you stay in touch with your mother by having regular video calls with the rest of the family, and even with friends.

EMCOR prides itself on the extensive range of gadgets in-store and online.

It’s challenging to think of gift ideas for our mother, but one thing is certain: they deserve the best!

Check out EMCOR stores near you, or shop from home through EMCOR’s website or mobile app.

EMCOR products are also available on Shopee and Lazada.

Enjoy your shopping and Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there.


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