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Is It Time You Updated Your Air Conditioner?

by | Feb 16, 2022 | News

2022 has just started, but there are already several options of air conditioners to choose from for your home or office. Maybe the air conditioner you have is not up to par anymore, or you’re just looking to upgrade to an improved and more efficient model. Here, we will talk about the kinds of air conditioners you can choose from and what to look for.


Having the right horsepower (HP) together with your air conditioner selection and getting the right HP is very important to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption. For example, if a room is 15×16 ft, you should get an air conditioner with at least 1.5 to 2 HP to properly chill your room.

If you’re still unsure as to just how much HP you need, then it’s best to ask one of our local experts or salesman who specializes in air conditioners to help you pick out the right one for your home.

Type of Air Conditioners

There is a selection of air conditioner types in the market right now. Your requirements on what type of unit you want to consider depend on your budget, accessibility, and where you want to install it.

Central Air Conditioner 

Requires a larger budget than all the other choices listed. A central air conditioner is best for large homes or buildings to cool multiple rooms via air ducts.

Advantages: Cools all the rooms connected via ducts, cools and regulates the house’s temperature in minimal time.

Disadvantages: Consumes a lot of energy (higher electricity bill), trouble with air ducts can dampen efficiency. It will significantly cost you more than all other options for cooling your home.

Window Air Conditioner

The more traditional air conditioner homeowners choose is a window air conditioner. It cools a single room and is always a favorite since its inception. Ejecting heat from the side or behind the air conditioner while blowing cool air into the room can’t be more simple.

Advantages: More efficient (costs less), simple installation, easy maintenance, and small floor space to minimize floor surface.

Disadvantages: Tend to be noisy. Not all windows support windowed air conditioners, making you resort to DIY measures. You would need to find materials that can work well with a window air conditioner to attach to your home right away.

Ductless Mini-Split

 A more modern approach to single room cooling are the ductless mini-split, referred to as “split-type” air conditioners. These are more modern air conditioners that are more expensive than your conventional window air conditioner. However, they can reduce electricity costs.

Advantages: Can be installed anywhere, control the room’s temperature as you please.

Disadvantages: Initially costs more, requires professional installation, and needs to be wall-mounted and is visible for everyone. You will have a hard time moving a ductless mini-split to another room if necessary and would require professional assistance.

Portable Air Conditioner

 Portable air conditioners have been growing in popularity over the years due to their convenience. Like window air conditioners, its purpose is to cool a single room but can be moved to wherever you like.

Advantages: Simple set up, can be moved anywhere at home with an available power outlet.

Disadvantages: Noisy compared to other types, ineffective cooling in larger rooms, and require a window to flow the exhaust ducting through

Budget Guide

If you’re looking for a simple air conditioner to cool your home or if you want a more long-lasting cooling solution, here are the top picks for you to choose from:

Portable air conditioners and window air conditioners belong to the budget-friendly zone. The two have more in common, with the former being more mobile than the latter. In terms of cost, advantages, and disadvantages, they are similar. 

Next would be the mini-split air conditioner or the “split-type” as the cost to purchase initially is higher, and the installation cost must be a consideration. However, the advantage would be that you would save more in the long run in terms of electricity costs and are much quieter to run.

Central air conditioning would be the most expensive piece of air conditioner that you can purchase. Given its cost depending on the size of your house, you better be prepared for how much your electricity bill would increase. 

But it is just as important to consider long-term maintenance costs and electrical costs when finalizing your choice too, as a cheap unit upfront is likely to have a higher running cost long-term.

EMCOR is equipped with all the top brands of quality air conditioners on the website, mobile app, Shopee, Lazada, and in-store for viewing and purchase. Take a look for more information about appliances that could improve your home and comfort.


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