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How Smartphones Help College Students Stay Organized

by | Jun 13, 2018 | News

Smartphones have become like an extension of our bodies. We check them in the morning when we wake up and use it until we sleep at night. Throughout the day, we also look at our phones multiple times.

Why not make good use of your smartphone and its features by using it to help you get organized?


Smartphone apps for project management or simple to-do lists can help you get organized. You can create notes for your different classes and tasks in your day-to-day life. Helps you to never forget your homework!


Most smartphone calendars now have the feature to sync with your accounts across all devices. While you might forget to check a physical or written calendar, smartphone calendars can give reminders through notifications on your phone.

If you have the class syllabus, start by putting all the important deadlines on your calendar. Set alerts for you to check these projects or assignments. For example, a few days before it is due, the day before it is due, and a few hours or so before the deadline. You can also divide big projects into chunks and set deadlines for each milestone. Better yet, set your personal deadline for a day before the actual deadline!


Just like calendar notifications, alarms can help you remember things and manage your time better. It’s not just for knowing when to wake up! For example, you can set alarms for when you should wake up, when you should leave your home or dorm, or when you should start studying.

Other apps

With everything at the palm of your hands, your smartphone can help you become organized. You can keep your files on your phone for printing or reading while you commute. From your phone, you can also access Microsoft Office and similar apps to quickly work on schoolwork. If you have a Cloud Storage service like Dropbox, OneOffice, or Drive, you can also access it through your smartphone.

Smartphones might seem like a distraction to most people, but it can help you get your academic life together! Explore our smartphone options on the EMCOR site or visit your local EMCOR store. Don’t miss out on our Back-To-School sale for smartphones and laptops as well!


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