Honda Click 125i: An Affordable And Enjoyable Ride

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Honda Click 125i: An Affordable And Enjoyable Ride

by | Mar 30, 2022 | News

The Honda Click 125i is one of the best ways to fight heavy traffic and is a more practical approach in commuting than getting yourself a car that would cost more in the long run. Here are just some reasons why the Honda Click 125i is a commuter you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Modern But Affordable

Coming with a Filipino-friendly price point with a pleasing modern aesthetic, the Honda Click 125i is truly a bang for your buck. It has a futuristic look that many Filipinos appeal to and has full LED headlights that more expensive options don’t have yet.

It comes with a wide array of striking colors: red, orange, blue, and black. The digital meter panel has all the essential things you need to know, such as speed and fuel consumption.

Gas Consumption

Smaller displacement engines consume less fuel, but the Honda Click 125i has a respectable 45-50 kpL. With gas prices on the rise once again, having to refuel at longer intervals would mean you’ll save your gas money longer, and your wallet will thank you for choosing the Honda Click 125i.

The reason for such mileage before going to a gas stop is thanks to the Idling Stop System available to the Honda Click 125i. 

Other Notable Features

The Honda Click 125i is also equipped with a secure key shutter mechanism to deter thieves from getting the bike for themselves or selling parts. The key shutter system protects the ignition switch from any objects, especially lock pickers.

The scooter also has a compact design and is great, especially in heavy traffic. You can easily navigate through and fro with confidence with the small frame it has but has enough comfortable space for you and a single passenger to enjoy the ride together.

The Honda Click 125i has an 18L under-seat compartment where you can place your valuables while you ride and can even fit a full-face helmet given if you placed it right. It has a 125cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine and comes at a respectable price of less than P80,000. 

EMCOR offers all the top brands of quality motorcycles and scooters on the website, mobile app, Shopee, Lazada, and in-store for viewing and purchase. Take a look for more information about appliances that could improve your home and comfort.


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