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Are Washing Machines Better Than Hand Washing?

by | Jan 26, 2017 | News

Let’s face it… Hand washing your clothes takes a lot of time. In the past, you might’ve been choosing to beat your clothes because it’s said that washing machines are bad for you clothes. Yes, washing machines are bad for your clothes…If you do it wrong. If done right, washing machines might even be better for your clothes. The truth is, if you know how to use your washing machine to its fullest potential, you need never hand wash your clothing again.

Find the Right Cycle

One of the worst mistakes you can do when having your clothes washed in the machine, is that you don’t use the appropriate speed, cycle and temperature for specific type of clothes. Most people just feed the washing machine with clothes, not even minding the type of clothes. For items that you think should be hand washed, select the delicate cycle. The delicate cycle will produce a slower spin and cold temperature for the wash and rinse. For extremely delicate items,zip them into a mesh lingerie bag for washing. This will prevent them from snagging or stretching during the

Which Detergent to

Now, people don’t usually know this, but the kind of detergent you are using also greatly affects the fate of your clothes. Use mild detergents or any detergent that don’t contain harsh chemicals when washing delicate clothes. A lot of self-proclaimed laundry experts also recommend making your own detergent, don’t. This will just turn out poorly. You risk destroying your clothes and your washing


Are you the type of person who feeds the machine more than what it can chew? I admit, I’ve done this more than I would like to admit, but doing this could destroy not only your clothes but the machine, too. Check the manual to identify how much your machine could handle. If your machine shakes when washing, this means that the machine isn’t leveled out. You have to find it a flat spot so it doesn’t do this. Have the hot and cold water hoses inspected for wear and tear a few times a year. Any cracks or blisters in the hoses mean that failure, and major household flooding, is imminent.


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