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Advantages of a Notebook Computer over a Desktop Computer

by | Jun 16, 2022 | News

Time to upgrade the computer? Though desktops have been around longer, notebook computers are in demand right now because of the benefits they offer to users. Read below to learn why it’s a good idea to consider getting a notebook computer instead of a desktop. 

Highly Portable

Desktop computers aren’t easily moved. If work needs to be done in a different room or office, the computer can’t be picked up and taken to the new space. With a notebook, however, it’s as simple as just closing the computer and moving it. Notebooks are highly portable and can be taken anywhere. 

Ready to Use

Notebook computers don’t require a lot of wiring or getting everything set up. The battery can be plugged in to charge, and a mouse is often used to make it easier to navigate the computer. Other than those two items, the notebook comes ready to use and doesn’t need to be set up or plugged in before getting started. 

Less Power

Notebooks use less electricity than desktop computers since they are smaller. While the difference may not appear to be significant at first, it might mount up over time. Reduced power use can help you save money on your energy bills while also being good for the environment. Furthermore, once the notebook’s battery is charged, it no longer need charging until the battery runs out.

Fewer Interruptions

When compared to a desktop, users find that a laptop has less interruptions. Because it lacks a battery, a desktop will shut down quickly if the power goes out. A notebook, on the other hand, will switch to battery power and continue to work even after the power is turned off. The notebook can resume charging the battery whenever power is restored.

Use Less Space

Notebook computers take up less space on a desk compared to a desktop. With a desktop, there needs to be room for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and any other accessories. With a notebook, the only space needed is for the notebook itself and its mouse. When work is done for the day, the notebook can be closed and stored off the desk, leaving more space available and a cleaner look. 

HP Commercial Notebook

Buyers today may want to check out the HP Commercial Notebook 56L14PA to see what a difference a quality notebook can make compared to a desktop. Right now, this notebook is on sale, so it’s possible to upgrade the computer without spending too much money. Plus, the notebook comes with a free HP stereo headset and a black wireless mouse, so it’s truly plug and play from the moment it arrives. 

If it’s time to upgrade the computer, consider getting a notebook instead of a desktop. These are just a few of the benefits a notebook provides, and they’re perfect for just about any application. Visit EMCOR online today to check out the perfect notebook for the office and learn more about the sale to get it for an amazing price. 


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