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Refrigerators: They Need Our Care Too!

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

Refrigerators have always been a part of every home- to the basic looking ones to the most glamorous versions of refrigerators. But no matter what the brand and price is it’s basic job is storing food, water, snacks and even items that needs cooling. This make refrigerators a must have.

Over time, refrigerators became smarter and efficient – offering a wide selection of features such as multiple compartments, energy saving mode, and quick freeze.

They truly have come a long way, making our home life easier and much more convenient. In return, we should also take care of them in order for us to enjoy it for a longer time. Mind you, refrigerators are not the cheapest home appliance so it is important that we maintain it!

So what are the things that we need to keep in check to prolong our trusty little friend’s lifespan?

  1. Door seals

That satisfying sound it makes when it closes. You just know that it’s sealing all the freshness and coolness with it. Over time, it might no longer work as hard as it used to be when you first bought it. Meaning, it does not contain the temperature because of the loose seal. In effect, power is wasted as it keeps on operating but none of the desired outcome is met. Just a tip, try getting a paper bill and place it in between the door seals. If you can pull it out easily then you might need to have your door seal checked by the brand’s maintenance team.

  1. Check the coils

Condenser coils gather dust and dirt because of where they are installed. They are usually found beneath or behind the refrigerator. And as the saying goes, “out of mind, out of sight” and that only means that when we don’t see it, we really don’t care much about it. Which brings us to dirty coils affecting the function of our refrigerators. Make it a habit to clean and wipe these coils at least once every quarter.

  1. Reboot temperature

Okay this might sound a bit technical but have you ever heard  of “Thermal Mass”? It means you have to fill your refrigerator with items so that it regulates the temperature. If you love to eat out and you do not store a lot in your refrigerator, putting pitchers of water might help absorb the warmth that comes in when you open it.

       4. Defrost
Some refrigerators have auto defrost features but for those of you who does not have this handy function, make sure that you turn off the thermostat, plug the unit off and let the accumulated thick ice melt. This will improve your unit’s temperature and insulation.

And that is it for now! Always remember that these are just basic tips for your unit. It is still best to ask your local appliance provider regarding maintenance because some refrigerators might need some extra care and the best people to accomodate you would be the appliance store personnel.


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