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How To Avoid Appliance Repair Scams

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When one of your appliances break, the automatic response is to have it repaired. Replacing a broken appliance is expensive and most of the time unnecessary. Many common problems do not take much to fix.

You have many options when you need a repair. You can come to your neighborhood electrician or go to an authorized service center to fix the issue. Many technicians are reliable and honest. However, there will always be the risk of being scammed.

Watch out for these common scams and protect your wallet from spending more than you should for your appliance repair.

Pay first scam
If the technician refuses to repair or even check your appliance or gadget without an initial payment, it would be better for you to find someone else. They might make an excuse saying they need the money to order a part that has to be sourced abroad that they need to pay for first. Do not do it. You might never see them or your money again. Only pay when they have the work done or you have seen the part yourself.

Double Trouble
If possible, do not leave your repairman or technician unsupervised. Stay at home as they work on your appliances. If you have to leave the house or you need to leave it at their shop, check on them regularly. They may intentionally break or damage another part, calls you to report it, and tells you they would fix it so that you would have to pay them more.

The Understatement
Some technicians would tell you that the problem is just something minor and could be easily fixed in a short amount of time. Great, right? Later on, they would call you up to tell you that the problem is actually worse than they initially thought. Truth is, they already knew upon checking first. They might trick you into paying for more parts and for more hours of labor.
It would be best to leave your appliances or gadgets at an authorized repair center. Honest, skilled, and qualified technicians will fix them for you at a just price for their speed and quality of work. If you don’t know where to look, EMCOR offers appliance repair services. Just fill up the appliance repair request form at this link.


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