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Working From Home Tips and Advice

by | Nov 30, 2020 | News

Ever since working from home is the new normal, there are many adjustments to do. Both our activities at work and our personal lives have shuffled. 

Some who used to work from home might not feel the change. But to those who are new to this set-up, you might encounter some challenges in the process. 

So here are the wise and practical tips that you can do while working at home:


Make sure that your machines are well-ventilated 

Due to long hours of using your personal computers or laptops, it’s battery or CPU might get hot. So, it’s advisable to work in an air-conditioned room. But how about if you have no aircon units at home? It’s good because your electric fans would do. Point your fans to your working devices and you’re good to go! 


Planning meals in advance

Thinking of what food to eat can be a little challenging sometimes. So, putting it up together in advance is a big help on your part. For example, if you would want to cook for your own lunch, 

prepare the ingredients ahead, and arrange them in your fridge. This way, you don’t waste time deciding what to cook or prepare. Or put your cooked food in the microwave oven to heat it up. If there’s a time constraint, there are food delivery apps that can serve you well. 


Keep yourself away from distractions

If you have a TV at home, turn it off while you’re working. If other members of the house want to watch TV, have your workstation away from the TV, to keep you focused on your work. 


Maintain cleanliness in your working space 

A clean room is a great space for work. You wouldn’t want to work in a room that’s topsy turvy and dusty. Keep your brooms and vacuum cleaners intact so that you will maintain your room every day. 


Always dress-up at your best

Have the habit of dressing up as if you’re still working in your office. Groom yourself every day so anytime your boss wants a video call, you’re always ready. Make sure you wash your clothes in your washing machines to save time and iron them once they are dry. Always put your best foot forward even in this new set-up. 


We hope that these helpful tips created a mark on you. 


These are the times where we have to be creative and resourceful in keeping our zone conducive for work. As a result, we’ll still be able to achieve our goals and be productive.


How about you? What are other tips that you want to share? Tell us in the comments.  


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