Why the microwave oven is the perfect Christmas gift for a Filipino family

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Why the microwave oven is the perfect Christmas gift for a Filipino family

by | Nov 29, 2019 | News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re still on the search for the perfect Christmas gift for your kumare or kumpare, this might be the best answer for you. The microwave, despite being stereotyped as a gadget only used for reheating food, is a versatile kitchen appliance.

Although most Filipinos have negative impressions about them, microwaves do more than what we think. From making desserts to cooking full meals or even popping your late-night popcorn, this kitchen equipment is a must-have.

Here, EMCOR gives us 7 delightful reasons why the microwave is the perfect Christmas gift!

1.) You can prepare your all-time favorite Filipino dishes in your microwave
Yes, you heard it right. You can prepare microwave-versions of your beloved Pinoy dishes. If you check recipes online, innovations in food preparation are present all over. From your classic sinigang to your favorite chicken adobo, everything seems to be getting microwaveable versions.

Although some meals can’t be replicated in the microwave, it’s still good to try new recipes with the use of your equipment. Who knows? You might elevate some dishes and make them your own!

2.) Microwaves are perfect for people who are always on the go.
When we can no longer beat the clock, instant foods are the way to go. A microwave is a perfect tool for immediate meal preps. Cooking with a microwave is faster compared to conventional cooking. You can always reheat cold or frozen food from the fridge. Enjoy the convenience of easy cooking by having a microwave at home!

3.) You can turn your kitchen into your very own dessert parlor!
Microwaves have gained popularity for the wide range of desserts it can create. From mug cakes to chocolate fondue, single-serving cookies, and bars, microwaves can turn your kitchen into your very own dessert parlor. This is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Owning a microwave is good for unexpected visitors as Pinoys are truly hospitable by nature.

4.) Cooking with a microwave is less messy
Preparing meals in a microwave produces less mess as compared to conventional cooking. It minimizes the use of cooking utensils and excessive dishware. Just with selected microwaveable containers, you can already throw your food inside the appliance and just wait for it to cook.

5.) Microwaves are good kitchen investments
If you might ask, how much do microwaves cost? Depending on the brand, microwaves in the country would cost you P3,000 – P10,000 depending on the brand. Fancier units are more expensive. Despite the price margin, cheaper ones can still perform similar functions to high-end ones. In fact, newer microwaves that utilize convection can also provide additional functions such as roasting, browning, and grilling.

What sets them apart maybe some advanced features that the expensive ones have. But overall, microwaves are good home investments. You can already enjoy the luxury of having a fancy kitchen without breaking the bank.

6.) Microwaves are very safe to use
Since it does not operate with fire, it is safer to use. However, there are only limitations on the materials that we are allowed to put inside the appliance. Some of these are aluminum foil and non-microwaveable containers.

However, since microwaves don’t use gas for power, it is safe for your children to operate without fear. Just make sure that you provide them with adequate supervision when handling equipment like this.

7.) Food prepared inside the microwave is healthier
When we preheat food inside the microwave, this helps cook food partially in the insides. This, in turn, avoids over grilling and minimizes the formation of carcinogenic char. Mainly, it allows you to relish healthier food as it also minimizes acrylamide in potatoes and nitrosamines in bacon (which are both carcinogens that can be released through conventional cooking). Spinach, for example, may retain its folate components when cooked in a microwave.

With a lot of great reasons to buy a microwave, it is a must-have for the modern Filipino home.

Now, do you know that EMCOR also has a wide variety of microwaves to choose from? Click here for more options. Visit your nearest EMCOR store now or shop online at emcor.com.ph.



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