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Different ways you can use your television

by | Apr 25, 2018 | News

televisionTVs are in almost every home. You use it to watch shows, keep yourself updated on the news, hook it up to your personal computer, or even use a flash drive to view photos or videos. Chances are that you are still not using it to its full potential.

When buying your television, skip the showroom. Instead, look for reliable online reviews from respected outlets. Showroom TVs are not always optimize to show you the best picture quality and may look totally different once you install yours in your television or bedroom.

Another tip is to get familiar with your television’s specifications. Don’t just look at the ones you usually look at when purchasing. Take note of the characteristics of different television types. LCD TVs are cheaper. LEDs have truer or darker blacks, meaning sharper contrast and generally better picture quality. Plasma TVs would give you a better viewing experience in a low-lit room. Take a closer look at the manual to know which features you can utilize.

Many of your devices can connect to your television these days. Most common are the streaming or cable boxes. You can connect your laptop or personal computer to your television if you need a bigger screen or you want to show a video to a number of people.

If you find that your television doesn’t have all the right ports, you can work around it by purchasing adapters from the store or get around it with your DVD or CD player.

You might be excited to find that you can use your TV’s extra USB ports to power ambient lights and make your living room look cooler. Just like any other USB port, you can also connect a USB cable to your television to charge your phone or other devices.

Your TV can do more than just be a television. If you’re looking for a new one, visit your local EMCOR store or check out your options on our website!


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