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Summer Heat? Don’t Raise Your Summer Bills Too!

by | May 15, 2020 | News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ever felt like the earth just moved a planet closer to the sun?  


We thought so too.


But if you take a look at the calendar, you’ll probably notice that it’s already May of 2020 and it is basically the peak of the summer season in the Philippines.


The scorching heat of the sun makes it uncomfortable staying indoors.


And for most people, the solution would be to run and keep their ACs and Electric Fans active 24/7. 


Cost-wise, this is not recommended if you’re trying to save up money, considering the high utility bills that we may incur from overuse.


Continuous and improper use may lead to the failure of your equipment.


Here are simple ways that can help you keep your cool during the summer season without raising your electrical bills to the roof.




  • Stay hydrated



The best way to beat the summer heat is by constant hydration. 


Keep the fluids coming. Drink more water (at least 8 or more glasses a day) or feast over fresh juicy fruits like watermelon, mangoes, papayas, and avocados.


Keeping our body fluids in equilibrium will help prevent dehydration during this sunny season.



  • Wear comfortable clothes



Don’t overdress! Tank tops and maxi dresses are the clothes of the season.


If you’re working from home, use a comfy blazer. Men, on the other hand, can just lose the suit and go for a light-colored polo.


When going out to shop, try to incorporate summer fashion in your daily wardrobe. Avoid wearing denim and leather-made clothes and choose loose-fitting or flowy clothes.



  • Exercise lightly



Fitness should be a year-round concept.


Even if we can’t go out to the gym to practice social distancing, we can still do simple exercises at home that can help us keep our bodies in shape.


But the thing is, exercising too much can help build up excessive body heat especially when we’re doing it at the wrong time of the day.


We suggest doing your exercises early morning when the air is cooler and the sun is not yet up.

And do it lightly this summer – do some quick jogs, stretches, and a few weights. You can also consider online yoga classes in the afternoon.



  • Improvise.



There’s no need to turn your air conditioners on full blast 24/7.


Filipinos are masters of improvisation.


We can always use Karton (cardboard) as improvised fans or abanikos to help us cool down from the blazing heat.


Some like to play a little bit and get creative with their available resources at home. For instance, using a bucket of ice and putting it in front or at the back of a running electric fan.


Check this video for your very own DIY ice-powered airconditioner.


For most people, cold compresses would also help. 


This is why we need to know where are our body’s cooling points.



  • Plan a schedule for your appliances and home systems



Choose specific times in the day to use our appliances and home systems.


For smaller homes, the family can agree to plan out a schedule when you can turn on your Air Conditioning Units.


For example, you can agree to use the AC for 14 hours a day, from mid-afternoon all the way to dawn. That could be from 3 pm to 4 am in the morning.


It’s good to be strategic in energy consumption particularly this season. 


Learn to use your equipment efficiently and effectively.


This is the perfect time to start rethinking our approaches to saving money and being a wise and proactive homeowner.


You can also read some of our energy saving hacks for your home through our website: emcor.com.ph

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