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Must-have Appliances This Summer

by | Jun 11, 2021 | News

Summertime is the best time for vacations and swimming trips. When it arrives each year, we couldn’t help but be excited. Things, however, are very different now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. You’ll probably spend majority of your time indoors, and since heat in the Philippines can be unbearable, you need appliances to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. Here are some appliances that you would want to have this summer:

1.) Air Conditioners and Electric Fans (To keep you cool)

When we say summer, one thing that comes up in our mind is to have a comfortable place to stay, where it’s cool and away from the scorching heat. When we say cool, we automatically think of using either an AC or an electric fan.

If you’re concerned about the high electricity bills after turning on your air conditioner, we’ve got a solution for you!

Many modern air conditioners and electric fans are equipped with “Inverter Technology.” Appliances with Inverters reduce the cost of operation by being more energy-efficient, therefore reducing the power consumption and lowering power bills.

If you have any appliances in your home that use inverter technology or have Energy Savings Plug, make sure to use them, especially during the quarantine period.

2.) Freezer (To store food)

Do you often have leftovers after a meal? Don’t toss them out! You can still keep it in the fridge and reheat it to eat the next day. For example, the untouched leftover rice from dinner is ideal for cooking fried rice for breakfast the next day.

Because of the high temperatures during summer, most foods spoil more quickly. So rather than going to the market multiple times a day, why not buy a few days worth of food supply, and just store them in your refrigerator to stay fresh. A refrigerator and freezer combination will not only help you save food from spoiling quickly, but also helps save you trips to the market.

3.) Cooking Range (To make and bake comfort food)

Because of the pandemic, people have been into new hobbies, such as cooking and baking. Many people have been trying and exploring new recipes at home to help pass the time, while others have started a small business to sell their baked goods. This summer season, EMCOR offers everything from kitchen appliances, kitchen gadgets and even a full range of ovens and cooktops.

Everything you need to prepare and bake cookies or pastries in the comfort of your home!

4.) Sound System and Smart TV (For Indoor Entertainment)

Miss going out and enjoying time with your family and friends? EMCOR has the largest range of indoor entertainment appliances and gadgets that will allow you and your family to stay home and still have fun.

EMCOR has a range of mini component stereos that you’ll surely love, especially if you’re listening alone or enjoying it with a couple of friends. Or maybe you want to sing some karaoke songs with your family. Well, we have karaoke machines and speakers available, too.

Not really into music? How about a movie marathon night with EMCOR’s latest Smart TVs? There are so many ways to bond and have fun with your family and friends this summer!

5.) Smartphones (For “Me” Time)

This summer, not everyone gets to go out and have fun under the sun because most people choose to stay home because of the pandemic. Since a lot of people are unable to visit or physically be with their families and friends, video calls made possible by modern smartphones have been really helpful and useful.

Not only does a smartphone allow you to do video calls or exchange messages with your loved ones. It can also help ease boredom through mobile games and social media apps. And the best part? You may discover some of your hidden talents such as photography. If you are a person who loves to download different photography apps, loves to take selfies, or is simply fond of phone photography, now is the best time to upgrade your phones! EMCOR offers smartphones with remarkable features like the best camera specs and higher storage at an affordable price!

EMCOR is now very accessible! Inquire through our official website, easy to use Mobile App, or our Shopee Mall and LazMall stores, and get only the best deals Now there’s no need to go out because you can have your appliances and gadgets delivered right at your doorstep. Shop now!


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