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Make your Noche Buena Special with these Tips

by | Dec 15, 2020 | News

Preparing for the Noche Buena has always been a classic Filipino tradition. It is also the best time for families to bond and reminisce wonderful moments together. But it shouldn’t be very tiring and time-consuming to prepare. These tips will help you prepare the most memorable and meaningful noche buena this year.

Craft a variety of healthy drinks

An intimate family gathering won’t be complete without drinks. Aside from carbonated drinks that are usually present in celebrations, why not have healthy choices for your family this time? When making smoothies and juices for the crew, use a blender to refine fruits or vegetables down to the pulp.

Roast your meat the right way

While you’re frantically preparing for the program, using a turbo broiler can help speed up the cooking process. A turbo broiler helps you roast beef, chicken or pork in no time. This will help you focus on the other hundred things that you need to do!

Grill your favorite food the smokeless way

While grilling, smoke can be a nuisance to others at home. Aside from the sneezing and the snoot, uneven cooking can happen too. Yikes! Instead, use an electric griller for a smokeless and efficient way to grill.

Cook with no pressure

Cooking good food takes time. Time is of the essence. The beauty of using a pressure cooker to tenderize your meat helps you cook fast, and the pressure’s not on you. Once you serve those soft pork ribs or mashed potatoes from the pressure cooker, it will be worth it.

Manage your food preparation well

Making noche buena special can be done smart. Save time by pre-cooking your food earlier. Then, heat the food a few hours earlier in the microwave oven. Voila, you’ve got the heated and yummy meal ready for serving!

Meaningful, easy and efficient noche buenas are possible, no matter the season and times. Apply any of the tips mentioned to celebrate the intimate gathering with your family.

What’s your best practice in making your own noche buena special? Share yours below.


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