Is Shopping Online The New Normal?

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Is Shopping Online The New Normal?

by | Sep 3, 2021 | News

With the majority of the country feeling the effects of limited movement and reduced travel, it has caused consumers and businesses to push for alternative ways to purchase the goods and services they want and need. For many consumers, reduced access into nearby cities has forced them to turn to online stores to research and purchase many goods that they would have previously visited a showroom or store to purchase. 

Businesses, in turn, have noted much lower foot traffic into their stores and showrooms, resulting in reduced sales and a reduced need for staffing as well. A majority of businesses like EMCOR have turned to Social Media Live Selling, E-Commerce Website, Shopee Store, Lazada Store, and easy-to-use Mobile App Store to engage and reach consumers in the comfort of their homes on a gadget or PC. Consumers, in turn, have engaged with these methods to interact and can make purchases from their favorite retailers during these trying times. 

EMCOR has invested heavily in ensuring that their loyal customers have a good range of products to choose from and great prices when shopping online through one of their shopping platforms. This is made possible by their new easy-to-use website and mobile app and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. With shipping options for all goods available, whether it’s a gadget or a new refrigerator, shipping throughout Mindanao is made possible by EMCOR.

EMCOR is announcing upcoming sales to consumers by their Official Facebook Page, where they are offering Live Selling events regularly and posting about upcoming and current promotions and deals events. If you are not able to follow the EMCOR Facebook Page, it is as easy as clicking the Like and Follow buttons on their Facebook Page. The other great part of the Facebook Page is that it allows consumers to send a message or comment on posts, and an EMCOR representative can reply promptly with a response to the query. 

If you have a moment, why not download the EMCOR Mobile APP for Android and IOS or take a look at the EMCOR Website and see if some bargains are waiting for you. Shopping Online is fast becoming the new normal, and EMCOR has seen a significant uptake in consumers purchasing online, and that has helped EMCOR keep offering the high level of service they are recognized for. 


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