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Improve your air conditioner efficiency for free

by | Sep 26, 2018 | News

Your air-conditioning unit can take up a large part of your energy expenses. As the weather becomes hotter, your use might become more frequent.

Here are some easy, no-cost ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner at home.

Clean the outdoor condenser unit

Your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit will work best if it’s clean and free of debris. You can clean it yourself by removing dirt and debris, dehumidifying, and misting. A more thorough cleanup can be done by a professional.

Clean your air conditioner filter

Remove dust from your unit’s filter. Use a brush to clean it and a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from hard-to-reach spots. Make sure that your air-conditioning unit’s vents are not blocked.

Adjust the thermostat

If it’s cooler outside, then you wouldn’t have to turn up the coolness of your air conditioner. Some air-conditioning units have a programmable thermostat especially for all-day use.

Keep away from heat

When your thermostat or air conditioner is surrounded by lamps, light bulbs, or any appliances that produce heat, your unit would program itself into working harder than it has to.

Close your curtains and blinds

Same with lamps and heat-producing appliances, direct sunlight coming from windows can heat up your home and make your air conditioner use more energy. Keeping sunlight out would help your house feel cooler.

Avoid using your dryer and oven in the hottest time of the day

It’s already hot, so additional heat might make you want to use your air conditioner. It’s best to use your oven or dryer during cooler times in the day. Alternately, it can also be used to effectively warm your home when it’s too cold outside.

Reducing your air conditioner use or simply controlling the temperatures in your home so that you wouldn’t need to use it helps. But when the temperature really calls for you to use it, at least you now know how to use it in a way that wouldn’t use much energy.

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