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How to Keep Your Laptop up to Speed

by | Jan 26, 2017 | News

Cleaning your laptop is like washing your clothes, you have to clean the inside and out. In the computer world, this means you have to maintain its hardware and the software. The good news is that your laptop won’t smell bad if you’re not cleaning it, unlike clothes. The bad news, your laptop is going to be as slow as a turtle, and at some point being unusable. Take good care of your laptop by making sure that you do the things below.

Keep the battery cool.

Ever had that feeling that your laptop easily drains battery every time you use it? It’s because it does. Despite whatever efforts you do to keep the battery in top-shape, it’s still going in that direction. But, don’t lose hope… You can delay the inevitable. By doing so, you add years to your laptop’s life. Avoid getting your laptop overheated and remember to always shut it down whenever you’re not using it.

Secure your laptop from viruses.

Given that a lot of people have anti-viruses softwares installed in their machine, a handful still don’t see the point in using it. It’s the best thing you can do for your laptop. Especially when you surf the internet often, there’s a lot of things out there that could make your laptop go from useable to unusable. Make sure that your system is armed with the latest malware defenses.

Clean away the dust inside and out.

You don’t want your fingers to touch dirty things, and one of the most common dirty things touches are computer machines. Clean your computer with cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol. One of the reasons why your computer might be getting slow or easily overheating is probably dust. Dust accumulate over time inside the computer, and if you aren’t cleaning it… Then your laptop won’t last very long.

Update everything.

To keep your machine running in the best shape possible is to have it regularly updated. Some updates may take a while longer than other, but it’s worth the wait.

If you’re doing everything said above and your machine still don’t function optimally, then it’s probably time you take a visit to a technician. You can also visit us.


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