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How to host an inexpensive Valentine’s dinner at home

by | Feb 13, 2020 | News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s a cliche. But hey, love is in the air — again!

Well, this year is going to be different. And it has to be.

After reading dating guides, digging up blogs, watching tons of romance films, we just came up with the ultimate dinner dating guide.

Take your date to a memorable dinner date at the comfort of your home. It’s cheaper, 100% customizable to your liking, and totally worth the effort.

We want to take the pressure away from you. So, here’s a quick guide to help you make Valentine’s day cheaper yet still extra special:


Plan everything ahead. Basically, here’s the checklist of everything that you need to consider:

  • Is my dining table presentable?
  • Do I have a clean table cloth at home?
  • Are there any centerpieces or ornaments that I want to add?
  • Candles? Chocolates? Flowers? Music?
  • How about the food?
  • What’s for appetizer?
  • What’s for the main course?
  • What’s for dessert?
  • Do I have the right kitchen tools for the food that I want to prepare?
  • Do you have the right appliances?
  • Do I have the number of the local food delivery guy in case I might need some stuff?

Your partner will appreciate it if you have everything planned out. Let’s talk about this one by one.

The table is the game-changer.
Make sure the dishware, cutlery, and the table cloths are all set. The best dinners are those that are customized from the heart. Add a personal touch to your date night by lighting up candles, setting up flowers, playing romantic music and choosing your best cutlery and plates.

Music can help set the mood.
We’re not telling you to call a master pianist to play Mozart for you on the 14th. Simply, customize a playlist. Before the big day, make sure that you to start listing down your favorite love songs. It would be better if you have an idea of your partner’s music taste. Then do the magic. Create a 3-hour long playlist on your smartphone. You can do this in almost any music platform out there.

Candles can give your dinner that “solemn” feel.
Light up the dinner table by adding some scented candles in the centerpiece. Any candle will actually do. There are tons of DIY candle crafts that you can try on YouTube.

Unleash your inner connoisseur by creating your very own chocolate-inspired dessert that you can save for later. You don’t need to buy from big expensive brands. There are tons of cheap chocolates in the market. Elevate them! Recreate desserts from scratch. You can also watch tons of DIY videos about dessert making.

Come on. We all know roses and pre-made bouquets are pretty expensive. And guess what? you don’t actually need to conform with the standards. Garden-grown flowers can also be a good alternative.

Plan out the course.
Basically, what’s dinner without the food? To impress your date, make sure that everything is well-thought-of.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to ace the decoration process. Red balloons, falling hearts from the ceiling, flowers, scented candles, – even grade-schoolers can do this. Get creative. The more personalized it gets, the greater its romantic value.


If you’re ever wondering, “what happens after dinner?”

Well, here’s a list of fun things that you can try!

Movies and Chill.
Hit the living room, turn on the TV, watch a good movie! Most women want their own dose of tearjerkers. Cuddle up on the couch and just savor the moment.

Exchange gifts.
Well, gifts don’t have to be worth a fortune. If you have planned ahead of time, you can customize your Valentine’s gifts.

Board games.
If your partner’s a board game geek, you can throw on a game of chess, games of the general, scrabble or etc.

Video games.
If your partner’s a gamer, buy him/her a new game. Play it together.

Cook pizza.
If dinner wasn’t enough, check your refrigerator for stuff that you can mix and assemble. Bake some homemade pizza that you can enjoy during the date night.

Dance together.
Blast the speakers on. Dance all night. Make Valentine’s day a night to remember.

There you have it. We hope you learned a lot from reading this blog. Now, go ahead. Make your Valentine’s day extra special.

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