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How to Clean a TV Screen

by | Jul 25, 2018 | News

TV screens often collect dust over time and perhaps some other unwanted stains. Of course, you would want to see your screen clearly so you can fully enjoy your viewing experience. Same thing goes with all your other screens such as your phone, laptop, and computer screen.

Should you use cleaning liquids?

Most modern television screens come with a special coating on the surface. This can be destroyed by strong cleaners. The screens are considered fragile and prone to scratching, so you would need to avoid the use of harsh cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia.

Screen cleaners are now available commercially. Most of them are 1% cleaner, 99% water. This might seem like an unnecessary purchase, but they have been proven to work really well with stain removal. If you would want to create your own cleaning liquid at home, use 1 part mild detergent (with no alcohol or ammonia) and 100 parts water. In most cases, smudges on TV screens come off easily with just plain water.

The cleaning process

TV manufacturers would advise you to remove dust first then wipe the screen with a soft, dry cloth. If using a cleaner, make sure that the cloth is only mildly damp. You don’t want the liquid to drip off the screen and potentially damage other parts of your device.

Upon purchase, most televisions already come with a soft cloth appropriate for cleaning the screen. If you lost or misplaced yours, you can also use the microfiber cloth that comes with sunglasses or eyeglasses. They are made of similar material.

Finally, when cleaning your TV screen, use light pressure. Don’t press too hard on your screen because it can break your screen.

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