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How NOT to be SCAMMED online; 10 tips you should know

by | Jul 1, 2020 | News

Online shopping is, no doubt, a game-changer for most consumers this season.

Having open access to goods and products over the internet helps our buying process become much easier and faster.

However, we can’t get rid of the fact that the digital space is also a haven for scammers and thieves.

And this is probably the last scenario that we would want to be put in.

This is the reason why we prepared a list of precautionary tips to guide you on your upcoming online transactions.

  1. The only way to keep yourself from being scammed online is by learning to validate the identity of the seller or the company that you’re intending to make a purchase to.
  2. Always conduct background checks to make sure that you’re not closing a deal with a swindler or an identity thief.
  3. For online brands, it is best to see if they have a legitimate business website or a social media account that you can reach out to.
  4. Check if the images that they’re posting are real and not photoshopped. Validation is easier when you check on the recommendation section of their page/profile.
  5. Assess their page ratings. The higher ratings they have, the more credible they are to provide online service. You can also google customer reviews just to be sure.
  6. Ask a close friend to review their social media handles. It is best to have a second opinion when doing purchases from people that you’re unsure about.
  7. When exchanging private messages on the internet, keep screenshots for your future references.
  8. Gather as much information as you can especially when you’re dealing with a lone seller. Get their address, phone number, and email. We also recommend that you secure valid proof of identities like a government ID or a legal certificate.
  9. As long as the seller/the company allows the cash-on-delivery payment method (COD), use this option as it minimizes the chances for fraud.
  10. Trust your gut instinct. If you are really hesitant with the seller, back out. You can always look for other sellers.

We are all afraid of fraud that is why we should be extra careful in making our decisions.
The risks for credit card scams, phishing, hacking, identity theft, counterfeit products, and bogus websites are only a few of the occurrences that we should try to avoid when making online transactions.

Be responsible enough to do your research and always be a proactive consumer.
Shop smart online.

Just a simple reminder from EMCOR. Stay safe and stay connected.

For more tips on online shopping, visit emcor.com.ph

And for a better shopping experience, you can also download our mobile app through App Store and Google Play.


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