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Guide to prevent your laptop from overheating

by | Sep 10, 2020 | News

Frequent overheating can bring serious problems to your laptop. If left unsolved, this may damage your machine’s internal components and thus, impair its performance.

Some traceable reasons for overheating may involve the ff:

  • Your laptop is under direct sunlight
  • Your laptop is unattended in a streamingly hot car interior
  • Dust buildup on the interior fans
  • Placing your laptop on a cloth surface that blocks air
  • Overcharging your laptop
  • And many more

Here are few tips to minimize your laptop from overheating

1. Monitor your fans

One way of checking your laptop fans is by placing your hand next to the fan vent. From this point, you may start to notice three things. It’s either: (a) the fan works perfectly fine, (b) the fan is blowing really hot air, or (c) the fan is not blowing anything at all.

If your observations are close to option b and option c, chances are, there is something wrong with your machine. The best way to handle this is by taking it straight to a computer professional. Ask your tech to open up your laptop and inspect the interior fans.

If the fans have accumulated dust balls, it’s about time to have them cleaned. Dust is one of the reasons for overheating laptops. Not only does it impair air circulation, but it also compresses your machine’s internal components.

There are also cases where interior fans may need to be replaced. Consult your computer professional about the process and ask them about the total expenses needed to have this performed. Note that only computer professionals are allowed to dismantle the interior components of your machine. If your product has a service warranty, make sure you contact them first to discuss the terms.


2. Make sure your laptop is elevated

As previously mentioned, the blockage of air circulation is one of the pressing causes of overheating. There are several ways to address this. Some do not require fancy gizmos like a laptop cooler pad.

You can always be resourceful; find items at home that could act as an alternative to a cooler pad such as a stack of books, or wood boards. The idea basically is keeping your lappy elevated while you are working to maintain decent passage of air.


3. Be CPU Friendly

High fan speed is a sign that your CPU is getting overworked. It means your unit’s internal temperature is getting hotter, thus the need for constant airflow. Overheating may be a result of too much CPU processes. So, always make sure not to overwork your laptop by not running too many programs.


4. Stay away from hot places!

Ever wondered why most offices are freezing cold? Sad to say, the AC is not actually for you, but for your machines.

Overheating may oftentimes be a result of extreme exposure to direct heat, either from sunlight or high room temperatures. Exposing your laptop to heat may cause the expansion to your hard drive and damage your battery.

Make sure that your laptop is kept away from these extreme conditions. Work in a room with an AC or a cooler beside you.

When the time comes that you are experiencing unnecessary slowdowns due to overheating, consult a computer professional as soon as possible.


There you have it. Just a quick guide to help you while everyone’s at the heat of the online classes and work from home setups!

Visit us more often at www.emcor.com.ph for more laptop-friendly tips!


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