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Fire Prevention Month Doesn’t End in March

by | Mar 15, 2019 | News

Fire accident doesn’t choose time, does it? It could happen even after the fire prevention month.

We hear a lot of incidents about hundreds of houses being burned down because of various reasons. Apparently, the fire started in one house then eventually reached other houses. If we are one of those who live in a place where houses are so close together, we would never want our house to be the reason of the loss of not just our own properties and loved ones but also of others.

So, even after the fire prevention month, our home fire safety measures should continue all year round. Here are some of the reasons of fire accidents and ways of preventing it.


Faulty Electrical Wirings

This includes old wirings and improper connections like overloading or octopus connections. This can cause heat to build up and eventually cause wirings to break down and cause fire.

That is why it’s important to always check the electrical connections in your home, check for any open wires and avoid overloading a single outlet with multiple extension cords or too many appliances.

Finally, it is still better to have your wirings checked by a certified electrician.


Unattended Cooking Utensils

When the person leaves his/her cooking to do something else, it may overheat the pot or pan then eventually may cause fire. So if you need to go away while cooking, ask someone to watch your pot or pan.

LPG that is not turned off after cooking can also be a cause of fire, so make it a habit to double check if it has been turned off or not after cooking. Also check that your LPG tank is not defective.


Plugged appliances

Aside from having a higher electric bill, leaving your appliances plugged may also cause fire in your house. I know that it’s sometimes easy to forget unplugging your appliances when leaving home but make it a habit of checking your outlets before you leave home to avoid this cause of fire.


These are just few of the home safety measures to avoid fire accident that we may use throughout the year. So if you have your own safety measures, go ahead and practice it daily. Remember, safety begins with people looking out for one another.


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