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Features to Consider when buying a new Microwave

by | Oct 30, 2020 | News

Cooking delicious meals at home has never been easier. With the help of technology, preparing food is a button away. A microwave is a staple household appliance because of its ease of use. 

Before we buy a new microwave, we need to consider the following:

– budget

– size of our kitchen

– preferred style & features  

– brand of the microwave


But before your head hurts with overthinking, this buyer guide may help you choose the best type of microwave for you.

  1. Countertop Microwaves

These are the most common type you will come across and think of among the other microwaves. It’s a buy, use, replace set up that gives no hassle to the buyers. You just plug it in and it’s ready for use. 

  1. Built-in Microwaves

Also known as a wall oven it is a type of microwave that can be built into your kitchen. It can be in any space where it can fit in the dimensions and other requirements. The need to have it installed somewhere convenient and can cost you more compared to a countertop microwave. Since they are installed on a wall, they don’t take any counter space, and it’s more elegant looking. 

  1. Over-the-Range Microwaves

The most common type of a Built-in Microwave. It’s installed directly above a stove or cooking range. Having more other benefits that are not available in other types includes saving counter space and having a light fixture at the bottom of it. They also have a built-in ventilation system to remove odors, fumes, and excess heat. Because it is a type of built-in microwave, it also requires installation and can incur extra costs. And the most notable downside is its accessibility because it requires a person with adequate height to reach it.

  1. Convection Microwaves

It’s the most versatile type of microwave available. Having a unique cooking style compared to other microwaves, it can do more than just baking. You can use it for roasting, broiling, even making delicious casseroles. Its versatility comes with a higher price, but it can be a good investment.


There you have it.  Just a quick guide to help you choose the most appropriate microwave to create perfect and delicious meals for your family.

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