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EMCOR’s Social Responsibility to the Community

by | Aug 3, 2021 | News

Founded in 1984 as a private, non-stock, non-profit organization, JVRF (Jesus V. Del Rosario Foundation Inc) strives to provide equal opportunities to poor deserving individuals and organizations in the Philippines through education, healthcare, and charitable programs. Remaining consistently with the social development ideals of its founder, Mr. Jesus V. del Rosario who envisioned improving the lives of Filipinos by helping them to become productive and be conscientious partners in nation-building, the legacy of Jesus V. Del Rosario continues to live on through Jaime C. Del Rosario, currently sitting as JVRF Chairman of the Board.

EMCOR and JVRF have been accessible to the community for many years. Making life easier for everyone and lending a helping hand has become a matter of course. EMCOR is a proud member of the J-Del Group of Companies as Jesus V. del Rosario Foundation Inc. (JVRF) is the heart of the group.

Amidst the pandemic that disrupted the world as we know it in 2020, EMCOR and JVRF contributed to the local Davao a dynamic effort for its recovery by donating a COVID Facility consisting 48 fully equipped isolation rooms with all the essentials and comfort rooms located at Brgy. Malagos, Davao City. During these trying times, this donation that was given back to the community allowed many people to receive the treatment they needed.

Among the generous efforts were the donated classrooms and teachers’ quarters at Natulinan National High School in Tagum which will allow students and teachers to have an improved educational experience for the many years to come. Only last month, June 2021, there were also relief efforts given to the families affected after Typhoon Dante in Maasin, Leyte. This includes the distribution of over 1200 relief packs to help displaced families. 

Together, EMCOR and JVRF will continue to provide opportunities and means to the underprivileged yet deserving and qualified individuals as well as public and private organizations through quality education including scholarship grants, sustained teachers’ training, school building, healthcare, and other social development programs. 

EMCOR is socially responsible and always be proud to be.


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