Choosing the Right Aircon For Your Room in 2022; Window or Split Type?

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Choosing the Right Aircon For Your Room in 2022; Window or Split Type?

by | May 4, 2022 | News

It’s summer once again, and everybody is feeling the heat. But what if you don’t feel the cold breeze of your aircon unit because it doesn’t circulate properly in your home. How will you be sure that your next aircon will not have any issues the next time around? The answer is simple, read on. 

Factor in the Size of the Room

Room size can be a factor in making sure that the aircon you have can generate enough power to ventilate the entire room properly. Having a 6 to 11 sqm room can accommodate a 0.5 hp aircon. In contrast, 41 – 54 sqm would need a 2.5 hp aircon to cool the entire area properly.

Other factors to weigh in are the ceiling height, insulation, natural light, and so on, which play a role in the cooling of the room itself. To get a precise answer, you need to consult an expert.

Window or Split Type

When purchasing an air conditioner, the unit type is a crucial issue to consider. Your taste would determine this.

The split and window types are two differently-sized items. A split air conditioner is divided into two separate units: the indoor unit (IDU) and the outdoor unit (ODU). The indoor unit consists of the evaporator and blower fan responsible for making the cold air and distributing it to the room. In contrast, the outdoor unit has a condenser and compressor.


Consider your budget when comparing AC units to determine how much you are willing to spend on a cooling system. The window-type AC is less expensive than the split-type, so it’s ideal for individuals on a budget.

Energy Consumption and Efficiency

Supposedly you think of energy conservation and saving money on the electricity bill. In that case, you should choose an AC unit that keeps your expenses low. High-efficiency units may cost more to buy but can eventually pay for themselves over a few years with their lower running costs.

Choose an air conditioner that has inverter technology because an inverter air conditioning system can change its power output to keep the room temperature consistent. Increasing the compressor frequency helps you achieve your desired temperature. 


Split-type ACs are more complicated, yet are easier to maintain than window-type air conditioners since they have a smaller form factor. Therefore it’s best to enlist the help of an HVAC expert when maintaining a split-type air conditioner. 

EMCOR is an accredited service center for all the brands that we carry. EMCOR also offers all the air conditioner choices for you and your family. To know more, visit us at our store or our website to see what we offer!


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