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5 Tips to extend the life span of your Gadget

by | Nov 15, 2019 | News

It’s Christmas season again! It’s that time of the year when we all go out to buy new gadgets such as cellphones and laptops.

Whether it be for presents or for our own use, tech-shopping is always at its peak in the month of December.

As much as we hate to say it, the end of a gadget’s life is inevitable. They are not built to last as we want them to be.

The average life span of smartphones, for example, is only up to 2.5 years. Laptops go from 3 to 5 years. Tablets at 3 years. Desktops run up to 6 to 7 years. Their life span may increase or decrease based on the way you use them.

But, believe it or not, there are quite a few hacks to stretch the lifespan of your gadgets. From waterproof cases to good charging habits, we have them outlined below:


Avoid overcharging your gadget. One of the most common problems of gadgets is battery longevity. As we notice, the longer we have our phones and laptops, the shorter the life span of their batteries get.

This happens because the batteries deteriorate due to misuse or abuse. However, there are ways on how to slow the deterioration process by changing our charging habits.

Most manufacturers and experts suggest not to leave your gadget constantly charging overnight.

Keep in mind: allowing your gadgets to be drained from total power is not a good practice.

When you feel your gadgets are already overheating, give them enough time to cool down.

Take good care of your gadget’s battery by giving them the TLC that they deserve.


Keep your gadgets clean. Cleanliness, in general, contributes to the longevity of all of your gadgets.

For smartphones and tablets, wiping them from time to time to remove the dirt and grime off is a good maintenance practice.

Soft, lint-free, microfiber cloth is good for cleaning phone screens. To clean areas that are harder to reach, cotton swabs will do.

Alcohol, when mixed with parts of water, is also good in disinfecting your phone, however, some manufacturers don’t recommend them. Still, when it is used in small amounts, it probably won’t hurt your phone. (For the list of our smartphones, click here)

For laptops, it is common knowledge that heat is not good and they are very vulnerable to overheating. Blowing out dust in the air vent helps to keep them clear to allow cool air to flow through.

Avoid digging unto your chips when you are in front of your laptop. This attracts insects that may destroy its inner components. You should also not spill liquids on it. (For the list of our laptops and netbooks, click here)


Never postpone the updates. If you want to prolong the life of your gadgets, never put off the updates as soon as they pop up your screen.

Updates help your gadget’s software keep up to date. Commonly, they include a host of bug fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations, as well as constantly improving the security of your devices.


Waterproof your gadgets. Aside from bringing our gadgets in the shower so we can do our concerts while we take a bath, we forget that our gadgets are not made to stay in a moist environment. Water is the number 1 enemy of gadgets. As much as possible, do your best to waterproof them. Water-proof accessories are available in different stores and malls near you.


Learn to manage your storage. Learn to manage your phone’s internal storage or your laptop’s hard drive to avoid complications. By managing your gadget’s storage, you minimize the chances of giving struggles to your software to store new data. This helps keep your device moving.

Your gadgets are not made to be heirlooms that you can pass from generation to generation. Their early retirement, however, can be slowed down with proper maintenance and practices.

There is no absolute life span for gadgets. Most gadgets break down due to normal wear and tear while others due to abuse and misuse.

Our gadgets are not immortal. At some point, they will eventually die. The only thing we can do is try to extend its longevity with the best habits and practices as outlined above.


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