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5 tips on preserving the longevity of your microwave

by | Aug 30, 2019 | News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let’s say you just woke up from the aftershock of last night’s dinner party. Your kitchen is an absolute disaster. Worse, your microwave is now the definition of a total mess. It is the spitting image of filth and grime. And you’re here, left worried about the potential damages this may bring your item.

Most people use the microwave to prepare meals on a day to day basis. What people fail to notice is how poor maintenance could affect its longevity.

The million-dollar question is, would your appliance still last that long without proper care and maintenance? Obviously, you already know the answer.

Well, how do we really take good care of a microwave oven? Let’s find out.

  1. Make sure your microwave is squeaky clean

    We cannot really avoid drying or spilling food inside the unit. Probably, the best way to deal with unwanted mess is through regular clean-ups. By doing this, we get to minimize the tendency for food bits to dry up and cause burn spots inside the unit.

    To loosen up the grime in the interior of the microwave, you can heat a cup of water. This way, its steam will help dissolve hardened food pieces making them easier to wipe off.

    When cleaning the exterior of the microwave, also avoid using harmful chemicals such as bleach. Try spraying it with a mixture of lukewarm water and vinegar. Then, gently wipe the dirt build-up with clean rags.

    Always cover your food with the right type of containers to avoid spillage.

    Cleanliness, in a general sense, contributes to the longevity of all of your household appliances. (you can also check the full list of our appliances here)

  2. Be gentle on the door

    Doors are considered to be the most abused part of a microwave. Improper usage often results in a lot of mechanical failures, one of them is unaligned doors.

    Opening the microwave door while the unit is still running may also cause the safety fuse to blow. Avoid slamming the door shut to prevent damages to your unit. If something bad happens to the door, there are tendencies that it won’t shut properly. This allows radiation to escape and food won’t cook evenly.

  3. Never run an empty microwave!

    If you are thinking about running the microwave empty, don’t even dare. A microwave without food inside will initially cause its components to absorb the electromagnetic energy it produces. The glass and the magnetron are not built to withstand this kind of energy overload. Most likely, repairs for these damages would cost you a fortune.

    Some people might want to use the microwave as a timer for some activities. But to tell you, some microwaves come with features where they have timers that don’t produce internal energy.

  4. Learn to adhere to weight limitations

    When purchasing a microwave, it usually comes with a manual that indicates its weight limitations. Most microwaves have this stamped on the outside of the unit.

    Overloading your unit might affect the productivity of its turntable, resulting in mechanical and motor failure.

  5. Cut it with the aluminum, use only microwave-safe containers

    If you’re new to microwaves, you must know that it’s basic knowledge that aluminum foils are not allowed inside the unit.

    Aluminum does not absorb energy. It reflects it to its energy source. In this case, the magnetron. As previously mentioned, the magnetron cannot withstand this overload.

    The edges of the aluminum may also catch fire and cause overheating, sparking and unwanted explosions. Now, we would not want that to happen. Make sure to use microwave-safe dishware. No aluminum. No metals. No dishware with gold or silver accents.

    When choosing containers, make sure they are microwave-safe. Also, make sure to cover your food with the right lids and plastic.

There you have it. There’s no more need to stress out. Simply follow these simple steps and your microwave will surely last long.

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