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5 Things You Can Do With A Rice Cooker That Isn’t Rice Related

by | Jul 16, 2020 | News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Despite its very restricting name, rice cookers can do some sort of stuff that isn’t actually related to rice.

This tells you how versatile this kitchen appliance can be.

But before we spill the beans, do you have anything on top of your mind?

Let’s see if you made it to the list. We’ve counted down five (5) smart hacks that you can try at home with your trusty electric rice pot.


1 Cook veggies with your rice cooker!
It’s no doubt that veggies are a staple in local Pinoy homes. But when we run out of stove space during big dinner parties, there calls a need to innovate.

Whenever you need an extra hand in softening up those carrots, potatoes, or corn cobs, toss them inside a boiling pot of water. Then, voila. They’re good as cooked!

You can also use a steamer tray on top of your appliance when you want to steam something up. This is where you can put your greens and crops. Works pretty well!


2 Your rice cooker is a one-time egg machine!
Soft boiled? Hard-boiled? Eggs Benedict? Poached? Sure. Simply load your pot with enough water and start the eggs-citing cooking show!

This amount of versatility proves how your rice cooker can be your best friend if you’re living alone in an apartment or a boarding house.

In fact, there are also rice cooker models that come with a pot made up of a non-stick bottom. We wonder if we can prepare sunny side ups and scrambled eggs too?


3 Create hot breakfast meals.
Start your day with a warm cup of whatever concoction! Did you know that you can also use your rice cooker to cook hot meals such as oats, Arroz Caldo, Champorado, noodles, and many more?

If you haven’t tried this life hack yet, you’re welcome.


4 Slow-cooked soups in a rice cooker, why not?
Tired of running out of gas? Save up by cooking slow-cooked soups with your rice cooker. Whether it’s mushroom soup, pea soup, or even your bulalo that’s been pre-cooked in the stove, your mighty rice potty can help you with these soup-tastic recipes.


5 No oven? Throw it in the rice cooker.
We know that you’re already familiar with this hack. You may have already seen countless posts about rice cooker moist cakes, pancakes, banana bread, and many more. And to back those up, yes! It actually works. You can substitute oven-based recipes with rice cooker versions. Here’s a video of a chocolate rice cooker cake.

You can also steam flour-based desserts/delicacies like kutsinta and puto. And if you have the luxury of time, throw in some Leche flan too.

There you have it. 5 hacks that you can try with your rice cooker. To sum it up, your rice cooker is a pretty flexible appliance that can whip you almost anything. You just have to unleash your culinary creativity!

You can also check out this tutorial.

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