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5 False Truths You Know About Appliances; Number 3 Will Shock You

by | Jul 30, 2020 | News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Your microwave will cause you cancer.”

Sounds familiar? If so, you are one of the chosen few who’s been victimized by the tell-tales of appliance myths.

We may all have heard countless superstitions about household appliances from our mama, papa, lola, lolo, etc. The list practically goes on.

It’s about time to put an end to all the lies that you’ve been told to live.

Here are 5 appliance myths that are just tales made-up by people who didn’t bother to know more.

1. Microwave ovens radiate cancerous emissions.

For your mom, standing in front of a microwave might already be a death sentence.

But don’t call the memorial planner yet because this myth is about to get BUSTED.

It may be a known truth that microwaves operate with radiation to cook.

But here’s the thing:
Microwaves are built purposely to contain the radiation waves inside.

So, in the case that you shrunk yourself in the size of a cereal bowl and jumped straight inside the equipment, locked yourself in and sunbathed like a tourist on top of a beach chair, this is probably your one-way ticket to the pearly gates.

Unless your microwave is broken, the radiation is safely contained.

So, whatever happens, have your equipment regularly maintained and avoid tinkering it yourself.

Status: BUSTED


2. Putting your appliance in standby mode costs you zero electricity

Let us take you straight to biology class.

Take your hand and let it rest on top of your chest where your heart is located.

Can you feel it beating?

Your heart is the blood-pumping organ of your body.

Although you’re at rest or at sleep, your heart never stops from doing its job.

This mechanism also applies to appliances.

Even if your equipment is in “stand-by” mode, it still uses power. In fact, appliances in stand-by mode can consume as much as 15-30 watts per hour.

Now, that’s a lot of power. Imagine putting your equipment on stand by mode 7-days a week, 24 hours a day.

You can help reduce or eliminate excess power consumption by learning to shut down your appliances when you’re not using them.

Not only you’re saving money but you’re also saving the environment.

Status: BUSTED


3. It’s only the insides of the fridge that needs cleaning

First of all, we commend your exemplary work in keeping your fridge’s interior spotless!

But after this sentence, we’re gonna rain down some few apologies because, as much as we know, you need to do a better job than that.

Cleaning the outsides should be given the same priority as cleaning the insides.

One part that you need to keep your attention on is the condenser coils.

Cleaning your coils is a pretty simple and quick task.

This should be done at least once and twice a year as it helps keep your fridge from overheating.

You should know that a well-cleaned condenser coil can help prolong the life span of your appliance.

For older fridge models, this is located at the back of your fridge. For newer models, however, this is placed on the front and is much harder to access. So, make sure that you keep your manufacturer’s guidelines to know how to clean your coils.

If not, call a maintenance technician instead.

Status: BUSTED


4. Self-cleaning ovens are independent ovens

Ovens, nowadays, come with a self-cleaning feature.

This helps you keep your oven’s compartment tidy and ready for a showdown.

But having a self-cleaning feature is no excuse for you to not go down and clean your oven’s vent filter.

This process should be repeated annually to help avoid grease buildup around your range or cooktop.

Status: BUSTED


5. Airconditioners can give you colds

To close this list, let’s go back to a very common myth that most people now still believe is true.

Sleeping in a fully-airconditioned room will give you colds.

This is a complete hoax.

If you’re sleeping in a room that is clean, virus-free, and you’re taking good care of your body, no air conditioner in the world will be able to inflict you with diseases such as colds.

Status: BUSTED


There you have it! We’ve just busted 5 appliance myths that people still believe today.

For more meaningful content on appliances and home systems, visit emcor.com.ph.

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