How to extend your smartphone’s battery life

How to extend your smartphone’s battery life

Every smartphone user has one wish: for our battery life to survive long enough for one day. Unfortunately, the older the device, the shorter its battery life seems to be. Our battery life depends on two things: how we use it on a certain day and how we have used it in the past.

Smartphones have lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. Over time, the batteries lose their charge capacity.

EMCOR has some tips on how to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Don’t overcharge or undercharge

One thing you can do is to avoid overcharging your phone and to avoid it from reaching 0% battery life. Most phones these days have features to stop charging once it reaches 100% or to automatically shutdown before it reaches 0%. Still, it’s important to be careful.

Take time to charge

Although supercharges or lightning charges can help you save time, it does not do anything to extend your smartphone’s battery life. A phone charged in 5 minutes compared to the standard two hours can reduce that phone’s battery capacity by 20%.

Keep the temperature right

The ideal temperature for your phone battery is between 0 and 45 degrees celsius. Below 0 degrees, the amount of power available in the battery will be reduced. Above 45 degrees, you can actually get more power from your battery. However, it is also at these temperatures your battery degrades at a faster speed.

As a tip, keep your phone out of direct sunlight to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Here are EMCOR’s other quick tips to extend your smartphone’s battery life:

  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Turn off the cellular network or limit talk time
  • Use WiFi, not mobile data. WiFi takes 40% less energy.
  • Limit watching videos
  • Turn on smart battery models (Power Saving Mode for Android, Low Power Mode for iOS)
  • Use Airplane Mode

If you’re interested in a new smartphone, we at EMCOR can help you choose one with a battery life that best suits your lifestyle.

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