5 tips for motorcycle passengers

5 tips for motorcycle passengers

Many Filipinos ride motorcycles to be able to maneuver around traffic or ride across surfaces like wet terrain and mud. Riding a motorcycle with passengers would require a driver to have enough skill. As a passenger, you can also contribute to making motorcycle rides much smoother and easier. Here are some tips you can follow.

Wear a helmet

Safety comes first! Most passengers think that they don’t have to wear a helmet. This is alarming. Other than the fact that is required by law, wearing a helmet will assure your safety in case of an accident. Find a good quality one that is light and has a durable shell design.

Talking can wait

While riding on a motorcycle can be a fun way to pass time, talking to the driver while riding along is a big sin. Your safety is more important than anything you have to say. Wait until you reach your destination or arrive at a rest stop.

Stay still

Driving a motorcycle requires the driver to balance the two-wheel vehicle, which is already difficult on its own. Having additional load at the back (you, the passenger) makes it even trickier. Other than making it difficult to focus, talking or laughing while riding the motorcycle would also add to the trouble of balancing. Stay still and hold onto the back grip or where the driver instructs you to. It would also be advisable to put your feet on the pegs.

Keep your eyes open

The only time you should talk as a passenger is when you are acting as another set of eyes for the driver. Especially when driving in traffic, there are many things that a driver would have to pay attention to. You also need to be aware of any sudden breaks, accelerations, or turns so you can adjust your body accordingly and make it easier for the driver.

Don’t obstruct the driver’s vision

By this, don’t position yourself in a way that would obstruct the driver’s view if they look at the rearview mirror. This is another reason why keeping still is important when you’re a passenger.

As a passenger, you also have similar responsibilities to the driver of the motorcycle. If you’re looking to purchase a motorcycle, check out our website or visit your local EMCOR store!

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