1. Appliance Repair Request

For Appliance Repair Request, please fill out the form below. Allow up to 48 hours for our response.

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  • No Power

    No Picture

    Intermittent Sound


    Vertical One Line

    Dead set with oscillation

    For Check up

    No Sound

    Distorted Sound

    Paint Fading

    Alignment of Mech.

    Won't Eject

    Won't Open

    Stuck Up Disc Tape

    Stuck Up Motor

    Noisy Motor

    Stuck up Switch

    For Cleaning

    For Check up

    Functured Evaporator

    For installation

    Dented Body

    Won't Cool

    Paint scratched

    Disalign door

    Detached gasket

    Open/melted cord

    Disaligned knob


    Busted bulb

    Short Circuit

    Cracked Cabinet

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