Best washing machine for you

Best washing machine for you

Washing machines are now more advanced and consumers have more options than ever. If you need help in picking a washing machine that is right for you and your family, read on below.

Many Filipinos use top-loading machines but these days, many front-loading machines are better for saving on your water and energy bills. Choose a machine that is more energy efficient saves you money in the long run and helps you protect the environment.

If you can, opt for a fully automatic washing machine. It is much less effort on your part because it will take care of the whole washing process from start to finish. Having to do the rinsing and drying manually eliminates convenience, which is the main benefit of a washing machine. However, this would also depend on the reliability of your water supply.

You would also need to check the capacity of your washing machine. Smaller households can benefit from washing machines with loads as little as 3kg. If you find that most loads can fit in a smaller machine, this would also help you save water.

Finally, you can choose a washing machine depending on wash times. If you’re looking into fully automated machines, investing in ones with shorter wash cycles would be more convenient.

With proper care and maintenance, washing machines can last for up to 10 years. Therefore, much care and consideration is needed when making a purchase decision. Of course, your budget should be considered when buying a washing machine. If you would prefer to invest in a higher-end model, make this easier on the wallet by asking about installment as a payment option.

If you’re still confused by your options, ask your friends or check out reviews online! You can also view your options on our website. Sales representatives at your local EMCOR store can help choose the right washing machine for you.

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  1. filmperevolvere April 5, 2018 at 9:31 am - Reply

    I suggest wiping kitchen worktops with a soapy cloth and drying them and putting cloths, brushes in a plastic basin with a little bleach and hot water, preferably each day. At the same time, chopping boards can be wiped with the bleach mixture and rinsed. When washing clothes it is best to use powders and tablets where possible because these contain bleaching agents. Liquids and gels do not, so are best reserved for dark colours that would be faded. We have moved to lower washing temperatures and many modern fabrics would suffer if washed at higher temperatures. Lower washing temperatures require longer washing times to remove dirt and bugs, so wash quick wash” cycles of 15 or 20 minutes are not going to be very effective. It is essential to carry out regular maintenance washes to prevent the insides of washing machines becoming coated with a slime of potentially harmful bacteria and moulds.

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