Rules for buying a TV

Rules for buying a TV

So you’re interested in buying a new TV? Congratulations! There are multiple things to consider when buying one and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Manufacturers give you a lot of options across price ranges. They confuse you with a lot of terms and features. Sometimes, you just want to give up and buy the more expensive one thinking it’s better.

The most basic things to consider are where you would put your TV and your budget. Here are a few more things you should look out for.

Ignore most of the features

They are just there to confuse you. The only thing you should look at is the size of your TV and the inputs. The list of specifications is just there to confuse you.

Bigger is better

Yes, your television-viewing experience relies heavily on the size of your TV. Imagine having to squint to see the characters on your TV clearly. What’s fun with that?


For a bedroom TV, the recommended size is at least 40 inches. For a living room or main room television, you might consider one that is at least 55 inches. If you want the full experience, at least 65 inches would be best.


Having an entertainment room would require a much bigger one. Get one that can cover the entire wall if your budget allows it. Just save for a few inches at the top and sides for ventilation.

Back to Black

If you want a television with high picture quality, you only have to look at the shade of black it produces. Is it a deep shade of black? If it is, it means it has high contrast and good quality.


Color saturation is also influenced by high contrast/black level. You can also look for color accuracy in your next TV. Finally, consider getting a TV that has a matte screen instead of a glossy one. It will reflect light less and you could see what’s on the screen better. This is best for rooms with bright lights or when you are watching TV in daylight.


With these tips in mind, head to your local EMCOR store and buy your next television!

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