How to ride your motorcycle in any weather

How to ride your motorcycle in any weather

Motorcycles are reliable vehicles that provide a lot of control, speed, and allow you to move through any kind of terrain in any weather. Sometimes, we need to head out during emergencies or unexpected circumstances, regardless of the weather. However, safety always comes first.

Here are some things you need to remember when traveling.

  • Remember to take breaks when traveling for a long period of time. Sleepiness or fatigue causes most motorcycle accidents.
  • Slow down if there is poor visibility, such as when it is raining hard, the road is dusty, or there are fogs.
  • As much as possible, avoid traveling on your motorcycle at night.


Tips for riding in the rain

When you are riding in your car or truck, you are protected from the elements. When you are riding on your motorcycle, you would need a reliable raincoat and helmet to shield yourself from the rain. However, motorcycles also allow for better maneuvering through obstacles and are still great for traveling to difficult to reach areas.

Just be more mindful of things you might not see in the road such as puddles, manhole covers, slippery surfaces, and other hazards. As you ride through the rain, aim to have smooth control and take turns slowly. Be mindful of your speed as you drive. Plan ahead for your turns and avoid last-minute reactions, but always be alert.


Tips for riding in hot weather

Hot weather can make you easily tired or frustrated, affecting your judgement when you drive. This can lead to accidents or roadrage incidents. If you’re riding your motorcycle on a hot day, remember to stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water and if you don’t like the taste, sports drinks would be a good alternative. Heat strokes can happen to anyone, so better stay safe.

To stay comfortable while riding your motorcycle in hot weather, open the vents of your helmet to allow proper ventilation. Keep your skin completely covered to avoid sunburns as well.

Follow these tips to have a comfortable, enjoyable ride on your motorcycle. If you’re looking to buy a motorcycle or need motorcycle repair services, EMCOR is the right place to go. Have fun and stay safe!

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